Lenovo H520s – Cheap and Small Desktop PC

Among desktop computers, affordable systems in small form factors are becoming increasingly popular. One of them is the Lenovo H520s, from company’s Essential PC series.

PC Gaming on Budget: AMD A8-5600K / Radeon HD 7560D Review with Benchmarks

With the recent release of the “Trinity” quad-core AMD A8-5600K Accelerated Processing Unit with the Radeon HD 7560D graphics (as well as other APUs from “Trinity” lineup), AMD has provided customers with possibility to build very cheap gaming PCs. True, its performance isn’t top-notch, but it is capable of running many of the popular games… Read more »

Intel Pentium G2120 Review with Benchmarks

The reviewed Intel Pentium G2120 is a brand new desktop processor with two cores and 3.1GHz clock speed. When compared to the previous “Sandy Bridge” Pentium chips, the main difference on the new “Ivy Bridge” part is its 22-nanometer production technology as opposed to 32nm. It generally brings lower power consumption and heat as the… Read more »

Asus P8B75-M LX Motherboard Overview

The Asus P8B75-M LX is a new budget-class motherboard based on the Intel B75 chipset, designed for use with Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors and oriented toward business users. Due to Micro ATX form factor, the P8B75-M LX is convenient for use in smaller desktop PCs, but as a downside the motherboard has only… Read more »

Lenovo H430 – Essential Inexpensive Desktop

The Lenovo H430 is a new version of the H420 desktop PC from the company’s Essential lineup. The H430 and H420 have the same chassis with glossy plastics and brushed aluminum on the front and metal sides, but the former optionally packs the 3rd Generation Intel Core CPU, whereas the latter is offered with up… Read more »

Dell Vostro 270s – New Slim Desktop PC

The Dell Vostro 270s is a new addition to the company’s small form factor desktop PC lineup. Since it’s a member of the Vostro lineup, the 270s is aimed at budget-conscious small business users. This model, revealed at the 2012 IFA Show, offers a variety of lower-to-mid class dual-core Intel CPUs including the Celeron G460,… Read more »

Lenovo C220 Atom-Powered AIO Quietly Released

Computer manufacturers are often shy of announcing loudly entry-level and budget PCs and so is the case with the Intel Atom- and Windows 8-powered Lenovo C220 all-in-one, successor of the C200 model.

Acer Aspire X3-Series X3995 Small & Affordable Desktop PC

Desktops still have a better performance / price ratio than notebooks, besides dominance of their mobile counterparts on the PC market. The brand new Acer Aspire X3-series X3995 with a basic price in Europe of about 380 EUR delivers that advantage, while not taking to much space on your desk, thanks to the small footprint… Read more »

AMD E-350 / Radeon HD 6310 Review & Benchmarks

The AMD E-350 is the top of the line part in the chip maker’s Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) lineup. Check out how it performs in our everyday tasks, video, and gaming tests.