PC Gaming on Budget: AMD A8-5600K / Radeon HD 7560D Review with Benchmarks

AMD A8-5600K with Radeon HD 7560D

With the recent release of the “Trinity” quad-core AMD A8-5600K Accelerated Processing Unit with the Radeon HD 7560D graphics (as well as other APUs from “Trinity” lineup), AMD has provided customers with possibility to build very cheap gaming PCs. True, its performance isn’t top-notch, but it is capable of running many of the popular games at decent frame rates, as the benchmark results below show. In addition, the A8-5600K is overclocking-friendly thanks to its unlocked multiplier, resulting in even better fps. And all that for under $500.

Let’s take a look at an example of how you can build an A8-5600K-based gaming machine without monitor for that amount of money.

  • AMD A8-5600K (“Trinity”, quad-core, 3.6-3.9GHz, 4MB cache, 100W, 32nm, socket FM2) with AMD Radeon HD 7560D (256 shaders, 8 ROPs, 760MHz GPU clock, 800MHz memory clock, 128-bit bus width, DirectX 11): ~$110
  • MSI FM2-A55M-E33 (socket FM2, micro ATX, DDR3 1866/1600/1333/1066, 2 RAM slots, PCIE 2.0 x16, PCIE, PCI slots, UEFI BIOS, HDMI): ~$50
  • Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB, 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM, 1866MHz): ~$25
  • Western Digital Blue WD5000AAKX 500GB HDD: ~$65
  • Cooler Master Elite 311 RC-311B-OWN1 Case: ~$40
  • Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus RS500-PCARD3-US 500W ATX12V Power Supply: ~$40
  • DVD burner: ~$20
  • Sharkoon Tactix 000SKTK Black USB Wired Gaming Keyboard: ~$20
  • Inland 07242 Black 6 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Optical Gaming Mouse: ~$12
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit OEM: ~$100
  • Total: ~$482

Of course, for similar prices of the motherboard, RAM, HDD and other components, you can buy these parts by other manufacturers.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-built A8-5600K-powered machine, such as the HP Pavilion p7z with the same processor, RAM, and HDD size for about $430. However, I’m not sure if its motherboard allows overclocking. The MSI FM2-A55M-E33 surely does. I got stable operation at overclocked 4.1Hz Turbo speed, up from 3,9GHz. Graphics runs stable with the Radeon HD 7560D GPU clock speed set at 844MHz, up from standard 760MHz.

Note: Since I hadn’t 1866MHz memory modules at the time of the review, I’ve used 1,600MHz memory. However, that doesn’t change the final results much.
A8-5600K on Motherboard

Here are CPU-Z and GPU-Z infos for the A8-5600K and HD 7560D after overclocking:

A8-5600K CPU-ZAMD Radeon HD 7560D GPU-Z

This is a PassMark CPU benchmark chart, showing that the chip has a speed sitting between the 3rd Generation Intel Core i3-3220 and i5-3330, in both normal and overclocked mode. As expected, the processor runs slightly slower than the A10-5800K, which is the next part in the hierarchy.

A8-5600K PassMark Benchmark

Here are the results for the AMD Radeon HD 7560D GPU, with the 7660D of the A10 being noticeably faster:

AMD Radeon HD 7560D A8-5600K Graphics PassMark Benchmark

This is Windows Experience Index score for the machine when overclocked. In standard mode the only difference is in calculations per second, which is 7.2 by default.

Windows Experience Index A8-5600K

3DMark Vantage results show significant difference between normal and overclocked modes.

3D Mark Vantage Normal

3DMark Vantage Overclocked at 4.1GHz and 844MHz GPU

This is PCMark Vantage score:

PC Mark Vantage OC 4.1GHz - 844MHz

When it comes to the real-world game titles, I’ve tested Crysis 2, Mass Effect 3, and Call of Duty 4. Crysis 2 at 1280×800 and basic “Gamer” detail settings runs at between 30 and 40 frames per second. Mass Effect 3 at the same resolution and anti-aliasing and dynamic shadows off runs at about 30 fps. Call of Duty 4 is much better when it comes to performance, since I was able to set resolution to 1600×900 and all details on highest and get mostly between 30 and 40 fps. Increasing resolution to full HD leads to frame rates of between approximately 25 and 35 fps.

Regarding the processor temperature with the stock cooler, on idle it was about 35 degrees with ~1,800 rpm fan speed, while during Crysis 2 gameplay it was around 65 degrees with the fan spinning at about 2,200 rpm.


  • Hi, may I ask which version of AMD catalyst driver you use ?

    Because I only get 4.9 at graphics score in Win 7 with my A8 5600k Apu.

    1. i bet the issue is not drivers… my guess is that you are using 1 Ram module instead of 2 ( single channel mode). Do a GPU-Z test (per above) and look at your memory bandwidth. It should be 25.6 to 29.8 running dual channel, only 12.8 to 14.9 single (1600 vs 1866).

  • Hi,great review thank you very much for this information,i was wondering if this motherboard is good enough for upgrading a lot in the future with the same case and power supply shown here.Like adding another graphics card as powerful as a nvidia geforce gtx 680.Will it be possible or wont it run stable?

  • Hi, great article 🙂 So the actually ingame frames are even higher because the ones you posted are with FRAPS on?

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