Asus VivoBook S200E / X202E / Q200E Touch Mini-Laptop Overview

Asus VivoBook S200E X202E Q200E

The Asus VivoBook S200E, X202E, and Q200E are 11.6-inch touchscreen laptops with an ultrabook-like appearance thanks to the slim profile and aluminum chassis.

Whatever the name is, the S200E, X202E, and Q200E are basically the same notebook models, but the name vary by region and it looks like that it also depends on a retailer. For example, the Q200E is currently sold only via Best Buy, while some other US retailers sell the X202E. The Asus S200E is sold in Europe. Due to different languages, the models in different regions normally have different keyboard layouts.

Asus S200E X202E Q200E Touchscreen

Not only that the laptop is cheap if you compare it to ultrabooks, but its price of about $550 / 550 EUR is also extremely affordable given that it provides multi-touch screen (with 10 point input). OS is Windows 8 and internal components are lower-end but decent. They include Intel’s ultra-low voltage CPUs, designed for use in ultrabooks and other thin laptops. The processor choices are, from the best to the weakest, the Intel Core i3-3217U, Pentium 987, and Celeron 847, without info on availability of higher-end CPU options. Storage capacity is either 320GB or 500GB, while RAM amount is 2GB or  4GB. The battery has only 2 cells.

The screen is fairy responsive when it comes to touch input and viewing angles and picture are decent, but glossy coating can be troublesome if you use the laptop in bright environments.

On the top of the display panel, there’s a built-in web camera.

Keyboard and TrackpadThe keyboard and trackpad, as well as other parts of the laptops, resemble the look of Asus Zenbook ultrabooks. However, the keyboard here, which is by the way somewhat shallow but flex free, is made of plastics instead of aluminum.


The lid is made of brushed aluminum. This one is in silver color, but dark gray and pink versions are also available.

Left Ports

This side view reveals Zenbook-like profile of the VivoBook. But, the latter is somewhat thicker and heavier, measuring about 0.8 inches and 3 pounds versus ~0.4″ and 2.4 pounds on the comparable Zenbook 11.6-incher.

On the right, the Vivobook has an Ethernet jack, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and Kensington lock slot.

Right Ports

The left side accommodates a media card reader, headphone / mic combo jack, another one USB 2.0, and VGA.


The bottom is covered with a nice soft touch finish, but the problem here is that it doesn’t provide easy access to the battery, RAM, and HDD, making eventual upgrades and replacements hard. This is a big drawback for models which have only 2GB of system memory, because upgrade to 4GB is a kind of must for today’s standards.

Battery LifeAnother downside is unexpectedly short sub-3-hour battery life for an ULV CPU equipped laptop. But, if you take into consideration that the battery is really a low-capacity one, it’s not a big surprise. Windows battery indicator info is not a scientific proof of a weak battery life, but in this case other reviews online claim that the run time is short.

System Info

This is system info of the  S200E / X202E / Q200E model I spent some short time with.

Asus S200E X202E Q200E - Intel Pentium 987 Windows Experience Index

These are Windows Experience Index scores. The  weakest point is 2D graphics performance.

On the end, here are some short pros and cons points:

Pros: touchscreen, portability, sleek design, aluminum case, Windows 8

Cons: short battery life, limited CPU options, no easy access to RAM and HDD, glossy display


  • The S200e is the same as the X202e except that it comes with an external DVD RW drive and does not have Bluetooth.

  • There are some differences between the Q200E and the X202e. The Best Buy has a slower, second generation i3 processor where the x202e has a third generation I3 processor at 1.8Ghz and HD4000 graphics. The X202e also has Bluetooth where the Q200E doesn;t.

    Microsoft store has the X202e for $499, the same price as the Q200E so its a no brainer on which to get.

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