HP Pavilion g6 Series (2012) Laptop Overview

HP Pavilion g6 Series (2012)

The laptop you are looking at is the HP Pavilion g6 version for 2012. The whole Pavilion g-series is oriented toward budget-minded customers and besides the 15.6-inch g6, it also includes the 17.3-inch g7 and 14″ g4, all with the same industrial design in different sizes.

Under the hood, these notebooks feature Intel or AMD processors with integrated graphics, while dedicated GPU options are available too on select models. The prices start at below $500/500EUR.

Display Angle

All surfaces on the HP Pavilion g6 Series (2012) are glossy, including the 15.6″ 1366×768 display.


The updated keyboard now sports square isle-style keys.


The trackpad is actually a part of the palm rest, but it is slightly sunk and has a texture.


Even the speaker grill is made of shiny plastics.

Right Side

The right side houses an optical drive, USB port, and power connector.


On the left, the g6 sports a VGA connector, HDMI, Ethernet jack, two more USB ports, mic in, and headphone out.


Finally, the glossy lid completely plain. The logo is located on the lower left corner.

If you try to find this laptop online, you will probably stumble upon many g6 configurations from the last year and the 2011 g6 doesn’t have the same design. The 2012 one doesn’t only look different, but it packs newer components, such as the 3rd Generation Intel Core “IvyBridge” CPUs (up to the quad Core i7) and the latest AMD “Piledriver” chips in select models. The 2012 version includes g6-2000 model names, while the previous edition consists of g6-1000 name variations.

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