Nokia 112 Review

Nokia 112

The Nokia 112 is the latest addition to the company’s affordable dual-SIM feature-phone lineup. For a price of about 35 Euros, the Nokia 112 offers not  only calls and SMS functionality for up to two SIM cards, but also Internet connectivity with pre-installed social networking apps and access to many other programs via OVI Store. The phone goes online via GPRS/EDGE and also provides Bluetooth 2.1.

Before proceeding to the written review, you can take a look at the unboxing video and quick software walkthrough.

In addition, you can check out how the built-in web browser, Facebook, and Twitter apps look like on the phone.

Nokia 112 Home Screen

You can tell that the phone is a budget-class one as soon as you turn it on and see the Home screen. It’s displayed on a small 1.8-inch display with a resolution of only 128-by-160 pixels.

Anyway, the menus of the S40 operating system and available apps are well optimized for this tiny screen, so you won’t have a problem using pre-loaded Facebook and Twitter apps or web browser. Of course, the quality of the displayed content is far behind even the cheapest Android phones, but functionality and responsiveness is suprisingly good, especially in Facebook and Twitter. One of the software-wise drawbacks of this phone are slow app load times. For example, Facebook and Nokia Browser take slightly less than 10 seconds to load. Another one is small internal storage space for apps an other data of only 64MB, but it’s expandable via microSD, up to 32GB.

While we are at software and social networking, it’s worth noting that the phone doesn’t support YouTube and streaming video in general, although it works on some other S40-powered phones. Another important app which is not supported is Whatsapp messenger, but you can use MSN, Yahoo, and Nokia (powered by Yahoo) messengers.

As an extra add-on, Nokia has included 60-day trials of some EA games, such as Need for Speed – The Run, Sim City, Tetris, FIFA 12 and other.

As you can see on the home screen, both SIMs can be connected to their networks simultaneously, without any reception problems or performance issues. However, if you are doing a phone call via one SIM, the other one goes offline until the phone call is over. In the dual SIM menu of the phone you can customize which tasks (calls, text messages, MMS, mobile data) will be assigned to which SIM or you can be asked about that before each action.

Front Speaker

The speaker provides a nice call quality with good loudness. On some Nokia phones, there is a serious voice leakage problem, but this one is fine. When you make a phone call, the sound is barely audible on the back of the phone, which is good.

The screen protector which is meant to protect the display of the Nokia 112 before you start to use it is barely visible, so I haven’t removed it for extra protection.


The keyboard feels surprisingly soft on touch as same as the navigation button. They have a kind of a quality soft touch finish over them. Occasionally, they felt too soft, degrading tactile feedback a bit. The keys are surrounded by black glossy plastics.


The lid is made of glossy plastic. The finish isn’t purely white, but has a metallic-like appearance, with shiny particles. Overall, it looks good, but it is too slippery, so frequent drops are fairly possible. The 112 is also available in black, blue, and red colors.

Regarding the camera you see on the back, it’s a VGA (o.3MP) one. You are able to take picture shots of 640×480 pixels and record videos at only 176 x 144 pixels at 15fps with this Nokia. That’s enough for sharing lower-quality daylight photos via social apps or playing the recorded videos back on the same phone, but nothing more than that.

Side with 2nd SIM

This is a side of the phone, with the external secondary SIM slot on the matte black part of the phone. On the sides a gap between the lid and the rest of the phone is visible, but the phone overall feels like a stiff one-piece device. The Nokia 112 is generally a thick and somewhat bulky phone with a profile of 15.4 millimeters, height of 110.4  mm and width of 46.9  mm, while the weight of 86 grams isn’t bad.

Top with Power and Audio

The upper side houses headphone and power jacks. A pair of headphones is included.

Inside Nokia 112

Under the hood, the 112 sports the main SIM slot, a microSD slot, and a BL-6C 1400mAh battery. I have drained the battery from fully charged to empty after 10.5 days of use. I that time frame, I had 5 hours and 10 minutes of talk time, about 1.5 hours of web surfing, and about 30 SMS messages sent. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the battery life on the 112.

At the end, here are some pros and cons of the Nokia 112.


  • The price of 35 EUR is a fraction of an Android smartphone’s price.
  • Internet connectivity.
  • Good overall build quality.
  • Good sound quality in calls and through loudspeaker and included earphones.
  • No signal reception problems.
  • Long battery life.
  • Ease of use and quick navigation through the OS.
  • Dual SIM, with customizable SIM choices for specific actions such as calls, texting and data.
  • Usable social and other apps even on the small 1.8″ screen.
  • Free EA games for 60 days.
  • Bluetooth.
  • MicroSD support.


  • Small and low-resolution screen, like on some phones from 10 years ago.
  • Bad camera which was maybe acceptable 10 years ago.
  • No 3G and Wi-Fi connecticity.
  • No YouTube or video streaming support.
  • Slow loading of apps.
  • Keys and the navigation button are on the soft side, degrading tactile feedback to some extent.
  • Slippery body.
  • Lid is hard to open and close.

Of course, when speaking about the cons, we can’t neglect the fact that the price on the market of the Nokia 112 is extremely affordable. With its set of features and price, the phone is obviously targeted at the budget-conscious users with Internet connection requirements and sits between the very basic Nokia 100 / 101 with no Internet and Nokia Asha line (such as the Nokia 300), with some models supporting 3G and YouTube, as well as with better and larger touch displays. Another device which is similar to the 112 and was announced at the same time in May as the reviewed phone is the Nokia 110 with a different design and a smaller capacity battery as the main differences.


  • hi
    this phone nokia 112 is so great for me..
    i want to buy this phone , but i cant buy it, because , i cant see nokia store
    her in manila, any store, mall or street vendors i did looking for this phone her in hole metro manila.. i cant find it.. please .! you can help me.? please ..

  • I have this phone it is really great.It is not a smart phone so saying it has no 3G or WI-FI is plain stupid,by the way it isn’t hard to open at all and it does have a You Tube application.

  • Do the deleted messages go to a “Deteled items” folder or do they actually disappear once you confirm the deleting action?

    (just a little discussion/debate I had with a friend, who swears that it has that kind of folder… and I don’t remember it having such)

  • Hello ,
    I have gone through your detailed review, I liked it. I Want buy Nokia 112 , But before that I just want to confirm song’s Audio quality ( Because I love classical music) , How is the audio quality ? Also I want to confirm , Can I hear nonstop , songs stored in a specific Music Folder ? OR I have to select the song every time one after one ?
    Your reply will be yes is it possible thru playsits, At present I am using Nokia C3 & it is possible to hear songs nonstop without playlist, I just select the folder & I can listen all songs in specifi cfolder nonstop . Is it possible in Nokia 112 ? Pls. advice me -Thanks & Regards – PY Atre Mob:9673203606, Email :

    1. The audio quality, be it via the earphones or the loud speaker is awesome…you can proceed with out any hesitation.

  • I have one of these phones,I had to buy from Germany and it’s very good,but your list of negatives are pathetic as this is a cheap ordinary phone,not a smart phone,I bought it mainly for the superb battery life which is 10 days with a few internet searches 2 and a half hours of calls and a a few dozen sent texts which is much better than most phones these days,but the soon to be released Nokia 206 has an even longer battery life and bigger keys.

    1. Hi / pozdrav, in Serbia it’s about 55 EUR, but normally it’s about 35 EUR in EU countries. The mentioned price has been found via

    1. Hi, I’m still running the phone (for almost 10 days now) on the first charge, so I don’t have final results yet. I have one bar left.

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