Nokia Asha 305, 306, 308, 309, and 311 Comparison

Nokia has announced this summer the Asha 305, 306, and 311 smartphone-like mobiles and today they added to the lineup the Asha 308 and 309 models. All of the listed phones have S40 OS running on their 3-inch displays at 400×240 pixels and the main difference between the particular models is whether they have resistive or capacitive touch panels, as well as dual SIM and Wi-Fi support. It’s nice to see that Nokia has finally started implementing capacitive touch technology, since the resistive screens on form factors without physical navigation are somewhat hard to use. One of the examples is the older Asha 300 model.

For comparison of the main differences between the phones, you can check out the table below.

  Nokia Asha 305 Nokia Asha 306 Nokia Asha 308

Nokia Asha 309

Nokia Asha 311
Touch Tech Resistive Resistive Capacitive Capacitive Capacitive
3G No No No No Yes
Dual-SIM Yes No Yes No No
Wi-Fi No Yes No Yes Yes
Camera 2MP 2MP 2MP 2MP 3.2MP
YouTube No Yes No Yes Yes
Dimensions 110.3 x 53.8 x 12.8 mm 110.3 x 53.8 x 12.8 mm 109.9 x 54.0 x 13.0 mm 109.9 x 54.0 x 13.2 mm 106.0 x 52.0 x 12.9 mm
Weight 98g 96g 104g 102g 95g
Price 63 EUR 68 EUR 76 EUR 76 EUR 92 EUR

Besides these facts, it’s worth noting that the highest end model of all listed – the Asha 311 – is said to have Corning Gorilla glass over the screen and a 1GHz processor.

The Asha 305 and 306 share the same industrial design, as well as the 308 and 309 models.

Nokia Asha 308 and 309

Nokia Asha 308 and 309

Nokia Asha 305 and 306

Nokia Asha 305 and 306

Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311

Although Nokia calls the latest Asha models “smartphones”, their category is debatable since the included S40 operating system is rather designed for feature phones such as the recently reviewed Nokia 112.

Some of the compared models, such as the 305, 306, and 311, are already available on select markets, while the rest of them is expected to arrive during the fourth quarter of this year.

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  • prices are 65 to 68 Eur.
    It will be more amazing if u add this to A FRONT CAMERA..
    and PRICES WILL BE 70 Eur.

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