Telechips 8920 (tcc8920, ARM Cortex A5) Processor Test

Telechips 8920 tcc8920

The Telechips 8920 is an ARM Cortex 5-based single-core 1GHz processor, which can be found in some cheap China-made Android tablets and HDMI dongles.

In this review and the accompanying video you can see how the tcc8920 performs when it comes to the usual computing tasks such as OS navigation, web browsing, and video playback. The device used here in an Android 4.0-powered HDMI dongle, which is available on the market by various manufacturers for about only $50.

User experience in Android walk-through isn’t smooth, but the chip gets the job done. Web browsing isn’t smooth either, with browser showing blank areas if you scroll too fast. If you have a couple of web pages opened at the same time, there is a ~1 second delay when switching the tabs. However, the chip performs excellent in 1080p 10,000kbps video playback, without a glitch.

Gaming-wise, random titles I’ve tested are TurboFly 3D and Angry Birds. Gameplay was glitch-free in both cases.

On the end, here are Antutu benchmark results for the tested tcc8920, which scores 2,477 points in total. The processor is, for instance, significantly slower than the first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ tablet, with a score of 3,693.

Telechips 8920 (tcc8920, ARM Cortex A5) Processor Antutu Benchmark

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