Trio Stealth G4 10.1″ Quad-Core Tablet (Sears Item #00347010) for $99.99

Trio Stealth G4 10_1 Quad-Core Tablet Sears Item 00347010 99_99

The Trio Stealth G4 10.1″ quad-core tablet by Mach Speed is a part of the Sears’ Black Friday 2014 sales. The device listed under item # 00347010 will sell for $99.99, down from $169.99. The Android 4.4 Kit Kat-based Trio Stealth G4 10.1 isn’t as cheap as the Stealth G4 7 or G1 7, but it definitely delivers additional value for the higher price.

The ARM A7 chip based 1.5GHz quad-core CPU in the Trio Stealth G4 10.1″ # 00347010 offers a decent mid-tier computing performance. It can handle well the daily chores, but isn’t as fast as those quad-core chips included in tablets by famous manufacturers, so hardware demanding games won’t run smoothly as on the pricier counterparts.

The G4 10.1″ isn’t just an enlarged G4 7″. The family’s biggest brother also has larger RAM memory amount of 1GB versus 512MB. More RAM is a huge advantage when it comes to tablet’s usability. It’ll not only run faster and be able to run more apps at the same time. Additionally, some games simply require at least 1GB to run at all, and this tablet meets these requirements. Storage space is bigger, too. It’s 16GB versus 8GB. Storage is expandable via a microSD card. Furthermore the 10.1-incher has dual cameras, 0.3MP on the front and 2MP on the back, versus just 0.3MP frontal.

On the negative side, the screen resolution remains the same at 1024×600 pixels despite the bigger panel. These tablets don’t feature IPS technology for wider viewing angles.

The Trio Stealth G4 10.1″ # 00347010 is advertised as a “Google-certified” device. Therefore, it enables users to access to download apps, games, and other content from Google Play store.

The 1.2 pound heavy and 0.5″ thick tablet has stereo speakers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and micro USB port.

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