Trio Stealth G4 7″ Quad-Core Tablet (Sears Item #00347006) for $59.99

Trio Stealth G4 7 Quad-Core Tablet Sears 00347006 59_99 - Mach Speed

One of Sear’s flagship tablet deals for Black Friday 2014 is the Android-powered Mach Speed Trio Stealth G4 7 model (item # 00347006). The 7-inch Trio Stealth G4 is advertised as a quad-core Google-certified tablet. It’ll sell for $59.99 on Black Friday, after $20 instant off.

The Trio Stealth G4 7″ #00347006 has multi-touch display with 1024×600 resolution and TN panel technology, meaning narrower viewing angles than on IPS-based panels. The CPU inside is an ARM Cortex A7-based chip called A31s. Besides four cores, it has 1.5GHz clock speed. Judging from the specs, it’ll provide a mid-range performance, which is good for everyday web browsing, movie watching, and some non-demanding games. RAM size is however quite small, with 512MB capacity. Therefore, multitasking potential is quite limited and some games might not work at all on this tablet because of small RAM. Storage capacity is OK for a budget tablet. It’s 8GB large and expandable via a microSD card supporting up to additional 64GB.

“Google-certified” simply means the tablet provides access to the Google Play store, so you can download and install apps and games from it. Some older cheap tablets don’t have access to the Store, so they use third party app installers.

According to the product page, the tablet has a battery life of almost nine hours.

Other notable characteristics are “built-in speakers” which probably means stereo speakers, a frontal 0.3-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and micro USB port.

The pre-installed Android version is 4.4 Kit Kat.

Overall, the small RAM memory appears to be the weakest point of the device, but the Trio Stealth G4 7″ #00347006 isn’t a bad tablet for only $59.99. If you’re however willing to spend $40 more you can get the 10.1-inch version with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage space.

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