oCOSMO CE3230V Cheap 32″ HDTV / DVD Combo


The oCOSMO CE3230V is an affordable 32-inch HDTV with a built-in DVD player. This is a nice solution if you still watch DVD movies and have constrained space in your room. Or simply you don’t like unnecessary bulk. With a screen size of 32″ measured diagonally and 720p screen resolution instead of Full HD 1080p, the CE3230V clearly isn’t a premium-class TV. However, the 720p is quite satisfactory for DVD movies, since they actually are displayed in resolution lower than 720p.

The claimed native contrast ratio of 1200:1 is nothing to write home about, but it’s quite satisfactory in the price range. The same applies to 250cd/m2 brightness. Thankfully, screen backlight is LED, as opposed to older and power hungrier CCFL. LED also enables thinner device designs. But, this model has a DVD drive attached to its back, so it isn’t as sleek and elegant as some other products in the same class. When watching from the sides that is. On the front, the TV looks attractive with its thin LCD bezel and brushed metal-like finish.

oCOSMO CE3230V Back View

You’ll be able to hook up a laptop or tablet and stream content to the CE3230V. The only requirement is that the device has either HDMI or VGA video output port. While we’re at HDMIs, let’s say this HDTV model has 3 of them for input. An additional feature which is quite convenient is MHL. Mobile High-Definition Link is basically technology for displaying content from MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets to HDTVs via a single cable, while charging the mobile device at the same time trough the same cable. This feature isn’t seen to often on TVs, especially the inexpensive ones. In addition, Roku is supported. Through the same MHL port you can connect to a Roku stick and access your favorite TV shows and movies.

Other conveniences are the stand which swivels 25 degrees and VESA mounting support, meaning this HDTV can hang on the wall securely if combined with a compatible mount kit.

What can be troublesome is speakers’ positions. They are down-firing, so sound might be muffled to some users.

On the end, lets mention a nice but common perk. There’s a USB port through which you can connect a USB stick and access images and audio files stored on it.

Overall, the oCOSMO CE3230V offer enough value and features for your money and certainly is a good buy. Considering the low price, that is.

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