A One Piece Game Trello 2022 (Aopg Trello Roblox)

A One Piece Game Trello 2022 (Aopg Trello Roblox)

Hello there, Welcome to our A One Piece Game Trello 2022 (AOPG Trello Roblox) & A One Piece Game Trello, This is a brand new game that One Piece Game has created. Here we will provide you with basic information about A One Piece Game such as Beli, Chest, Island, A One Piece Game Sword, and so on. This is an A One Piece Game Starter Guide that will teach you How to Play A One Piece Game in Roblox and will provide you with a link to A One Piece Game Private server at the end of this post.

A One Piece Game Trello 2022 Bosses (Aopg Trello Roblox)

A One Piece Game Trello Bosses


  • Location: Starter Island A starter boss

Bandit Boss

  • Location: Starter Island – 2nd Boss in the game


Beli A one Peice Game

(B$) – With this Beli, you can purchase swords, guns, fruits, fighting styles, and items. Beli can be obtained by opening chests, defeating mobs, and completing quests.


A One Piece Game Trello & Wiki (UPDATED)

Beli – Chests can give up to B$3k

Fruits – You have 0.1% to get any fruits

Game Passes

One Piece Game Gamepasses

  1. Devil Fruit Notifier
  • This game pass will notify you when and where devil fruits spawn
  1. Coffin Boat
  • A boat with a top speed of 125
  1. Striker
  • A boat with a top speed of 150

A One Piece Game Trello Menu

The Menu allows you to see more options for the player

https://theclashify.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Business-Man.png A One Peice Game Menu

A One Peice Game Business man

Location: Logue

Town He allows you to dispose of your current Devil Fruit for B$5m or Robux, and he can also give you useless information.

A One Piece Game Trello Guns

  1. Flintlock – A normal gun
  2. Dual Flintlock – Twice the guns. You can shoot at a faster rate when equipped with these.
  3. Slingshot
  • Q: Firebird Star Fire a flame projectile and burn enemies
  • E: Rapid Fire, fires 5 shots rapidly at 1 spot

A One Piece Game Trello Sword Style

The more swords you have, you will start doing more slashes with m1. Using haki will make your moves have a purple effect

1ss (Suzaku)

Dash at high speeds to the location of your cursor (mouse)

E: 360 Pound Phoenix

Send an air slash that explodes on impact

2ss (Suzaku and Kitetsu)

Q: 720 Pound Phoenix

Send a more devastating air slash on impact, does more damage than 360 Pound Phoenix

E: Rashomon

Rush at high speeds to where you are pointing your cursor at

R: Tatsumaki

Summon a tornado

3ss (Suzaku, Kitetsu and Mugenjin)

Q: 1080 Pound Phoenix

The strongest air slash you can produce, explodes on impact

R: Sanzen Sekai

Rotate your swords quickly, rushing, and deal a lot of damage to where your cursor is pointing.

F: Hydra

Sending dragons to where your cursor is pointing deals a lot of damage if all of them land.

A One Piece Game Trello Island

One Piece Game Starter IslandStarter Island

Useful Tip

  • Go for at least LVL 20 strength to proceed to the next island.
  • Purchase the island tracker to make navigating around islands easier.
  • You can buy guns and be able to buy scrolls which increase the amount of you having multiple quests (5 max)

One Piece Game Shell's IslandShell’s Island

Useful tip:

One Piece Game Wilderness Island Try looking around the island and find Zoro to buy swords and learn something from him.


Useful tip:

This place is full of pirates in the forest, beat them all up

One Piece Game Arlong ParkArlong Park

Useful tip:

You can find a NPC which you can. Learn the Fishman karate from him, the F move allows you to swim on water even if you have a devil fruit.

One Piece Game Orange TownOrange Town

Useful Tip:

Buggy’s domain, defeat all of his minions


A One Peice Game Skypiea Island

Useful tip:

Around 10k stamina

  • +Fire Fruit
  • +Magma Fruit
  • +Light Fruit
  • +Phoenix Fruit
  • To at least reach that point of island and a lot of stamina to those 4 fruits allows you fly

Desert Island

  • Desert island is the End-game island, be prepare to fight


  • An arena where the owner himself lives in

Logue Town

  • You can remove devil fruit, remove your weapon and buy random fruits

Random Wilderness


A One Piece Game Private Server


A One Peice Game Tier List for PVP

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