Activision Will Introduce Premium Content To Call Of Duty In 2023

After long months of rumors and speculation, Activision has informed investors that “the next premium release” in the Call of Duty series is scheduled for 2023.

In its most recent financial presentation, Activision again highlighted the current records that Modern Warfare 2 has achieved and said that it hopes to keep the series’ popularity high in 2023, through various efforts.

According to the company, “plans for the coming year include Call of Duty’s most robust live operations to date, the next full premium release in the annual blockbuster series, and even more exciting free-to-play experiences across all platforms.”

After this information, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier again noted that the term “full premium release” for 2023 does not mean a new game, but a paid expansion for Modern Warfare 2, which could cost even 80 euros, like the latest game .

Rumors about a new game or major expansion focused on zombies continue, but Schreier guarantees that the next “new game” will only arrive in 2024 at the hands of Treyarch. In 2023, you will have a huge expansion, with more campaign levels, created by Sledgehammer.

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