American Stores Receive Stock Of PS5 And Xbox Series And Confusion Sets In


Those who are into the world of videogames know that it has not been easy to get their hands on the new generation consoles – the little stock that sometimes appears sells out in the blink of an eye, often being acquired by scalpers who sell it at very low prices. exorbitant.

In the United States of America, the Best Buy chain of stores decided to put some stock of the new generation consoles for sale physically in some of its stores, at least one in each state – after announcing this novelty online, and as it already to anticipate, customers rushed to not miss this opportunity.

According to a Kotaku article , several people camped out overnight in lines stretching around the stores. You can see below a video captured in Orlando, in the state of Florida. According to the tweet, at least 250 people would be waiting.

In turn, the following video was recorded at a Best Buy in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Another example is the queue you can see in the tweet below, in front of Best Buy on Fifth Avenue:

In Portugal, new generation consoles are also scarce, especially the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X (at the time of writing this article, the Xbox Series S is in stock at the largest chains in the country). As a rule, when there is a replenishment of stock, sales are processed online and a notice is published in advance.

If any Portuguese chain followed Best Buy’s example, would you be able to camp outside the store to be the first to enter?

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