Anime Naruto Celebrates 20 Years

Shueisha and Studio Pierrot are celebrating 20 years since the premiere of the anime Naruto, one of the most popular works of Japanese animation and which marked several generations with its characters and stories.

Created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto is one of the most popular manga around the world and with the help of anime, it has become a sensational rage across the world. Adored by young and old alike, Naruto is one of those animations and comics that appear once in a generation and is still admired with special affection today.

After the manga’s debut in September 1999, the anime premiered on October 3, 2002 in Japan and over 5 years, Pierrot produced 220 episodes. That same year, a week after the end of the original series, Shippuden debuted, which lasted 10 years and has 500 episodes.

The first 135 episodes produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo are a faithful recreation of material created by Kishimoto, while the remaining 85 are original episodes created for the anime as the staff created new material to be featured in the manga.

Naruto is one of my favorite manga and anime and I remember with great appreciation the emotions I felt watching the episodes and these characters. Currently, this world continues with Boruto since 2016 and the work with Naruto’s son already has close to 270 episodes produced since 2017.

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