Anime Rifts Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki (2022)

Anime Rifts Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki (2022)

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Anime Rifts Trello Board and Anime Rifts Wiki for New Players. Adventures Unleashed created the adventure game Anime Rifts. We will discuss the Anime Rifts Pity System, Drop Rates, Tier List, Enchantments, Bosses, and much more in this Anime Rifts Trello.

Anime Rifts Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki

How Arrows Work in Anime Rifts?

The Arrow System is mainly simple to understand.

  • An Arrow is an object that upon its use, blesses you with ability.
  • Lucky Arrows, in some rare cases can be attained simply by purchasing an arrow.
  • Arrow abilities will soon vary from magic to hatsus to quirks and many more.

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Anime Rifts Pity System:

The Pity System is fairly simple to understand.

  • The Pity system bestows the player with a free rare when the player has hit 60/60 pity.
  • When 60/60 is reached player gains a random erratic ability out of pity
  • If your pity reset’s, it means that you got a rare ability before you hit 60/60 pity.

Requiem Arrows

  • Requiem Arrows are similar Like arrows, Pretty Easy to understand
  • Requiem Arrows grants a legendary power on use.

Legendary Move Sets:

  • Legendary Move-sets refer to special abilities that can be oacquired through Requiem Arrows

Time Rifts:

Time Rifts as the name applies are time altered events. They are distorted throughout out the map. As you explore through the map you will uncover more rifts that are required to be concluded.

Special bosses that require teamwork to defeat can be found within Time Rifts. You do not, however, need to be a certain level to enter a time rift. The level displayed is only a recommendation.


  • Bosses simply are the provider for items such as Rare Abilities for the players to equip into their move-set.
  • Bosses can also Drop their existing Armor that grant buffs


  • Armor merely Provides a stat boost to the player’s build. Some armour can concentrate on a single attribute while others can be distributed evenly. Some races gain access to special Armor limited to only their race

Anime Rifts Control Guide:

  1. Mouse1 – Basic Combat
  2. WW – Sprint
  3. Q – Dash
  4. F – Block
  5. T– Race Skill
  6. V– Spec Skill
  7. Space x2 – Double Jump
  8. Shift – Shift-lock


•!pay (playername) amount
•!trade (playername) (trades first moveset slot)
•!trade2 (playername )(trades 2nd moveset slot)
•!giveitem (playername)
•!switchslot moveset (command to switch moveset 1 and 2)

Anime Rifts Drop Rates

  • There is 5% probability of all the bosses in game to Drop Their Abilities.
  • The drop percentage being 1/1000 makes Requiem Arrows extremely worthy.
  • Dragon balls have a 1/100 Drop Rate from bosses 300+
  • Mythical Powers can be taken By Requiem Arrows with a 1/30% Chance of Obtaining

Anime Rifts Enchantments

Positive Enchantments

Conquerors: Increase item’s endurance by 20% magic and strength by 10%
Mythical: Increases item’s endurance by 30% and magic by 20%
Heroic: Increases item’s endurance by 35% strength by 25% and magic by 10%
Armored: Increases item’s endurance by 35%
Titanic: Increases item’s endurance by 65%
Heavy: Increases item’s endurance by 50%
Imperishable: Increases item’s endurance by 45% and magic by 5%
Hardened: Increases item’s defense by 25%
Reinforced: Increases item’s endurance by 60%
Flawless: Increases item’s endurance by 10% and strength + magic by 20%
Steady: Increases item’s strength by 35%
Firm: Increases item’s strength by 25%
Divine: Increases item’s magic by 35%
Arcane: Increases item’s magic by 45%
Blessed: Increases item’s magic by 25%
Secure: Increases item’s strength by 20%
Mighty: Increases item’s endurance by 5% strength by 35% and magic by 15%

Anime Rifts Negative Enchantments

Rusty: Decreases item’s endurance by 20%
Crude: Decreases item’s endurance, magic and strength by 25%
Used: Decreases item’s endurance by 10%
Flawed: Decreases item’s endurance by 10% magic and strength by 20%
Wrecked: Decreases item’s endurance, magic and strength by 50%
Broken: Decreases item’s endurance, magic and strength by 75%
Small: Decreases item’s endurance by 40%
Ruined: Decreases item’s endurance by 10% magic and strength by 5%
Mundane: Decreases item’s magic by 95%
Demolished: Decreases item’s strength by 95%
Fake: Decreases item’s endurance, magic and strength by 95%

Anime Rifts Private Server Link

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That’s it for this Anime Rifts Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki and Anime Rifts Private Server Link.

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