Avatar 3 Filming Already 95% Completed, Says Producer

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Avatar 2 just opened in theaters, over a decade after the release of the original movie, and it looks like Avatar 3 is well underway.

According to a report by Collider , Avatar’s lead producer Jon Landau has stated that production on Avatar 3 (name working) is already 95% complete. In addition, the first act of Avatar 4 has already been filmed, and the recurring cast recently read the scripts for Avatar 5.

“What we did was, first of all, complete the four scripts of 2, 3, 4 and 5. The cast has already read them. They know the fate of their characters. […] We’ve already shot all of movie 2. We’ve shot 95% of movie 3. There’s still a bit we have to complete,” says Landau.

The producer adds: “And we shot the first act of movie 4. […] I think one of the great things that we did, and that Jim (James Cameron) did in these scripts, is that each movie is going to take you to new biomes and new cultures.”

So it looks like the future will bring us a lot of Avatar and hopefully we won’t have to wait that long for the next few movies. Avatar 2 is now in theaters and we’ll see if it achieves the feat of the original, which is in first place in the film that generated the most revenue.

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