Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Cheats & Console Commands

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Cheats and Console Commands

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord can enable cheats by changing specific files on your PC. However, other ways exist to alter the game to allow console commands. They can be beneficial when creating mods. While console commands and cheats have limitations, their clever usage of them can aid in ensuring that the mod is functioning correctly.

There are two kinds of cheats: Hotkeys & Console Commands. Both can be activated in the same manner. The first step is to activate cheats in the game. Once you have done that, you can use both hotkeys and the console commands. For console commands, you must open the console.

How to Enable Cheats – Developer Console?

You have to modify a parameter of one of the game files, and it is pretty simple:

  • Go to Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs
  • Open “engine_config.txt.”
  • Look for “cheat_mode = 0” and change the value to “1” (CTRL+F = cheat_mode to find it)

Once you have set cheat_mode = 1, you can use the cheat–hotkeys and the console commands, but learn how to open the console below.

You don’t need to start a new game. You can begin using cheats as soon as you have activated cheat_mode = 1. Although we recommend using the cheats in a new save so as not to mess up your game

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Cheats & Console Commands – HotKeys:

These are all the available Hotkeys:

  • CTRL + F4: While in combat, knocks out a single enemy.
  • CTRL + ALT + F4: While in battle, knocks out the entire enemy army at once.
  • CTRL + Left Click: While on the map screen, it will teleport the party to the location of the click.
  • CTRL + H: While in combat or walking around, heal the player’s character to full.
  • CTRL + Shift + H: In combat, heal the player’s horse to full.
  • CTRL + F2: While in battle, knocks out a single friendly soldier.
  • CTRL +F3: While in battle, knocks out the player.
  • CTRL + Shift + F3: While riding, knocks out the player’s horse.
  • CTRL + F6: Knocks out one of the player’s troops.
  • CTRL + SHIFT+ F6: Knocks out all of the player’s troops

How to Open  Console and use Console Commands?

Once you have set cheat_mode = 1, you can also open the console and use console commands by pressing ALT + `

Type help into the console if you want to check all the available commands, but we are going to provide you with all the cheats in the next section:

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Cheats & Console Commands – Commands List:

Replace X with the value of your choice:

  • Add gold: campaign.add_gold_to_hero X
  • Add Focus Points: campaign.add_focus_points_to_hero X
  • Add Skill XP: campaign.add_skill_xp_to_hero [skill name] X [Hero name]
  • Add Renown: campaign.add_renown_to_clan X
  • Add Influence: campaign.add_influence X
  • List all troop IDs: campaign.give_troops_help
  • Add certain troops to party: campaign.give_troops [troop ID] X
  • Complete the current quest: campaign.complete_active_quest
  • Cancel Active Quest: campaign.cancel_active_quest
  • Conceive a child: campaign.conceive_child
  • Give Specific Item: campaign.give_item_to_main_party [ItemName] [Amount]
  • Set all character skills to a specific value: campaign.set_all_skills_main_hero [Value]
  • Set all of a specific character’s skills to a specified level: campaign.set_skills_of_hero [Level] [HeroName]
  • Add Skill XP To Troops: campaign.give_troops_xp [Number]
  • Reset a companion’s stats to 0: campaign.add_companion
  • Grants 100 of eachrafting material to all party members: campaign.add_crafting_materials
  • Force AI to attack a particular settlement: campaign.ai_siege_settlement [HeroName] [SettlementName]
  • Start World War: campaign.start_world_war
  • Factions Declare War on Each Other: campaign.declare_war [Faction1] [Faction2]
  • Give Everyone Set Amount of Gold: campaign.add_gold_to_all_heroes [Number]

About Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord:

The horns sound, the ravens gather. An empire is torn by civil war. Beyond its borders, new kingdoms rise. Gird on your sword, don your armor, summon your followers and ride forth to win glory on the battlefields of Calradia. Establish your hegemony and create a new world out of the ashes of the old.

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