Being A Dik Swyper Guide

Being A Dik Swyper Guide

Hey Guys, In This Guide I Will Be Facilitating You Out To What You Actually Need To Do, In Order To Pass Through All Conversations. (Ida Is An Exception; Honestly, I Don’t Know Any Way To Pass Her Without Her Blocking Me).

C, 38

She Look’s Strangely Familiar? Do You Agree? 🙂
Correct Answers:
-Hey, C. How Are You Doing?
-Great. Me Too…
-Do You Want To Chat? You Don’t Write A Lot In Your Replies.
-I Get It. I’ve Never Chatted To Someone Who Was So Honest About Their Intentions. I Like It.
-I Am Not Looking To Date Someone Either. I Want To Try Something Different And See If I Like It.
-Ok. Tell Me How I Should Start.
-A Picture Of What?
-“**** Picture”
-Yes, Of Course It’s Mine.
-You Really Don’t Have To Threaten Me. Thats Not A Good Way To Start This. I’m Not Going To Tell Anyone. This Is Just Between You And Me.
-I Like The Sound Of That.
-I’d Start By Kissing Your Neck.
-I Slowly Remove Your Bra And Grab Your “Chest” (Censored)
– I Remove My Underware And Put My Hard **** Between You Thighs While Standing Up. I Slowly Thrust Back And Forward, Grazing Your Panties With My ****.
-That Was ****Ing Amaizing, C! It Was So Hot!
-Think Of Me When You’re In The Shower. Imagine That Your Hand Is Mine As You Clean Up.
Reward: Extra Picture.

Catrin, 22:

Correct Answers:
-I’m Over 6 Feet. How About You?
-Is It Really That Bad?
-Maybe They Think They Can Win You Over Before That Happens?
-You’re From New York, Right? How’s It Like There?
-Who Eats Hot Dogs At 10 P.M.?
-I’ll Turn 21 In A Few Years, But I Already Drink.
Reward: Extra Picture

Ellie, 21:

Correct Answers:
-I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours.
-I Could Handle Yours. You’re What? A B Cup?
-You Couldn’t Fill A D Cup.
-Doesn’t Look Like A D Cup For Me. Is It A Push-Up Bra?
-Show Me Them Without The Bra And I’ll Check Again.
Reward: 2 Extra Pictures.

Ida, 20:

She Is A “Trap” Girl. Look At Her Pictures Backside. I Can’t Make Her Show Pictures Of Her Friend. So, My Guess. This Is Only One Block, Which You Can’t Avoid.

Nicole, 30:

She Is, Surely, Familiar To You? 🙂
Note: If You Chicken Out In The Strip Club By Letting Derek Handle Stuff Or You Not Pay Her For Lap Dance, She Will Automatically Block You. Actually, I Don’t Know How She React After Calling Her “Old ****’S”. So If You Have Confirmed Connection With Swyper I Will Fix It Here.
Correct Answer:
-Right Back At You. So, It’s Nicole, Huh?
-Is It My Age?
-I Don’t Mind The Age Gap. Also. I’m Not Stupid; I Know Your Private Life Is Different From Your Work Life. I Read Your Profile And I Wanted To Know More About You. That’s It.
-Thanks. I Just Try To Be Me.
-Haha! Noted.
-I Wouldn’t Mind Doing That Again With You Sometime. It Was The Hottest Thing I’ve Done In My Life.
-Why Can’t It Be Both?
-I’m Looking Forward To It.
Reward Requires You To Stay With Derek & Will Get Freebie From Her Next Time To You Go To The Club. (Thanks To Second Option For Finding It Out)

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