Best Ways to Customize Google Chrome on Windows and Mac

Best Ways to Customize Google Chrome on Windows and Mac

Best Google Chrome Extensions:

Here is a selection of the least utilised Google Chrome extensions from that you can personalise your browser for Chrome.

1 # Earth View:

As the name suggests, this plugin is Earth View after you have installed this extension in the Chrome browser. The boring old new tab page in the Chrome browser with stunning satellite images from Google Earth. The images will change when switching to the tab you’ve just opened to browse any web page.

Additionally, you can check out the site where the satellite image is within Google Maps. Download the image and visit the gallery on the internet, which includes hundreds of these stunning pictures.

  • Users – 1014615
  • Size – 334 KB
  • Languages – English

2 # Stylish – Themes And Skins:

Stylish is one of the most well-known Chrome extensions that allow you to style the web using a variety of styles and designs. It is easy to install Stylish in the Chrome browser and quickly modify your website’s appearance.

Other features are included in Stylish like the Styles Mangar program, CSS Ninja to create your themes using chrome and many more. Other features include customizing backgrounds and colour schemes, fonts and even animations. With this great extension for your browser, you can activate the dark mode and apply minimalist Facebook themes or change the appearance of social media sites like Twitter, Google and much more.

  • Users – 1476520
  • Size – 1.8 MB
  • Languages – 19 languages supported

3 # Muzli 2:

Muzli is among the most effective extensions for customising your Google Chrome browser. It is a stunning new tab extension you can download to Google Chrome. It was developed through InVision, among the biggest design software firms of the year 2020.

The company’s primary goal for the extension will be to enthuse you with the stunning modern designs of tech nova. The extension is a beautiful collection of illustrations and designs. Apart from that, it has amazing tools. This extension allows you to add your favourite publications to the latest web browser tab.

  • Users – 322104
  • Size – 3 MB
  • Languages – English

4 # Dayboard:

Dayboard is an extension to personalise the new tab in your Chrome browser. The tool includes the ability to create a list of tasks and block websites. You can set up your to-do list in one new tab and include five items per day to the list of things to do.

In essence, you can begin your day by noting down the most important tasks you must complete and then accomplish your goals. This extension allows users to disable distracting sites like Facebook or other social networks. This is the ideal solution to combat procrastination. minimise distraction and enhance concentration.

  • Users – 18629
  • Size – 1.77 MB
  • Languages – English

5 # StyleBot:

The Stylebot is designed specifically meant for Chrome users who are web developers. If you have a thesis about CSS or HTML, this chrome extension can aid you in customising Google chrome.

It is possible to use Stylebot to alter any Google Chrome element and select the element you want to change, and select the changes you would like to apply using an editor. You can change the colour, font margin, visibility, and more. You can also write the CSS codes from outside.

Additionally, you can view and download the style made templates and make them available to acquaintances via social networks. Like the Firebug tool, you can select elements from this chrome extension. It is easy to modify any website with the help of quick tools supplied by the style bot extension. Changes are saved immediately.

  • Users – 199403
  • Size – 388KB
  • Languages – English

6 # Momentum:

Momentum is a basic chrome extension that makes you look more attractive on Google chrome. With your help, you will get an automated Weather forecast and roundup. Additionally, this extension offers other options like defining the daily goal and weather updates, customising the dashboard by removing widgets, etc.

With this Google Chrome extension, it is possible to replace the boring old tab in the chrome browser with stunning photos and inspiring quotes and even establish your daily goal or goal. With its functions, such as that of the To-do List, it can locate your entire to-do list.

Through Momentum Plus, you can access advanced tools to personalise Google chrome browsers, such as integration, widgets, and customisation.

  • Users – 3362006
  • Size – 12 MB
  • Languages – English

7 # Better Tab:

There’s also an extension that allows you to customise the Chrome browser tab; however, based on my personal experiences, Better Tab is on the top of the list. Thanks to this extension, you can effortlessly alter the search engine tab of Chrome, and you can change your dashboard as well as the background of the browser.

Better Tab offers a convenient web search and features the Google Chrome new tab page. This browser add-on can add beautiful wallpapers, quotes and even important details to the tab. Features such as a task list or a time and date based on location are extremely useful.

But it is worth noting that it’s worth noting that the Pro Version of the Extension includes many more incredible features, including counter timers for those who are looking forward to celebrating an anniversary celebration or wife’s birthday.

This To-do list version includes an alarm, portable tabs, updated fonts, and themes.

  • Users – 36113
  • Languages- 2 MB
  • Languages – English

8 # Live Start Page:

Live Start Page Live Start Page is an extension for the web browser to install wallpapers on the tab page. The extension includes an introduction which explains how you can accomplish using this extension. You can find helpful information about this extension on the web in the lower right corner.

Additionally, the extension has beach wallpaper as the default. You can alter the wallpaper with hundreds you’ve downloaded onto your computer. You can also build your To-do list that includes the tasks to keep you focused on your daily routine.

By using Configure Settings, you can access more useful tools such as the clock’s dimen comes in various tyles and a weather widget with an additional sidebar that allows you to create bookmarks groups that you can save within the Chrome browser. In the Pro version of the $1.99 extension, you get additional features, including Google Calendar, seconds needle in the clock, and multiple widgets within the weather tool.

  • Users – 273451
  • Size – 35 MB
  • Languages – 11 languages supported

9 # Start.Me:

Start.Me, is an excellent new tab extension for the chrome browser that replaces a new tab with more ideas for productivity and news. The extension incorporates different blocks and widgets to the new tab’s homepage, news updates, and social media site shortcuts and allows you to change the font used on the new tab’s page with a customizing feature.

You can customize the Start. Me page with a range of transparent designs and backgrounds. Additionally, you can create additional pages based on your requirements.

10 # Home:

The Home tab extension will completely revamp the tab page. The user interface of this Chrome browser extension resembles that of the Android Launcher interface. It includes shortcuts to the most popular sites you browse through in your everyday life. In addition, you could add a date and time widget and other widgets, such as calendars, tabs that have been closed recently, etc.

Search engine bar with notifications icons to Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Google Calendar and much more. If you’re a businessperson or developer, you could include different notes like Google Docs, Sheets and Google Docs to the tab page.

Chrome Themes Extensions To Make It More Unique:

There are additional extensions available that can alter the appearance of your browser in Chrome, such as altering the themes of the top Chrome extensions. If you’ve no experience with CSS programming, you can make a theme using one of the chrome FTP extensions.

11 # Lamborghini Revenson:

This extension is among my favourites to personalise the Chrome browser to include its Lamborghini theme. This extension has been downloaded by more than 7K Chrome users and has nearly five-star reviews.

For installation, install it, and open your browser on Chrome; you must choose the theme colour like Pink, Blue, Dark, Neon Green, Purple and more.

  • Users – 6950
  • Size – 879 KB
  • Languages – English

12 # Black Chrome Dark Blue Theme:

Black Chrome Dark Blue Theme is a great theme for your Google Chrome homepage. It is perfect for all Chrome users since this theme is a great fit in dim lighting. I have it on my computer, and I love it. It’s a great theme for those who adore dark colours. Install it and change the theme of your chrome browser. Additionally, you can alter the colour of the theme to blue, pink, neon green, dark blue as well as orange and yellow.

  • Users – 59000
  • Size – 767 KB
  • Languages – English

13 # Night Time In New York City:

Evening time nighttime in New York City is inspired by the wallpapers of the nighttime in New York City. This theme gives an iconic view of New York City. It is simple to incorporate this awesome theme into your browser using an extension for Google Chrome.

  • Users – 428898
  • Size – 3.83 MB
  • Languages – English

14 # Unknown Space:

As with the theme in the Chrome browser, “Unknown Space, this theme is completely based on the stunning photographs of outer space galaxies. The theme is available in 20 languages and comes with a 1.6 version.

  • Users – 533213
  • Size – 4.5 MB
  • Languages – 20 languages support

15 # Cats:

If you’re a fan of cats, This is the best theme for Google Chrome. The theme includes high-definition cat wallpapers that you can download for your PC. This theme makes it easy to switch to the new tab page in Chrome using the cat wallpaper. Search engines and fantastic speedy access tools.

  • Users – 34759
  • Size – 2.37 MB
  • Languages – English


If you’re unhappy with the changes you’ve created, you can remove them by following the same steps. If you wish to take off all of the settings at once, You should reset the settings of Chrome. Learn more about what happens when you reset Chrome and how you can go about it.

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