ARK: Survival Evolved – Bloodstalker Controls (Genesis DLC)

ARK: Survival Evolved – Bloodstalker Controls (Genesis DLC)

Bloodstalkers are carnivores like spiders and have aggressive temperaments that are part of the Swamp Biome of the Genesis Simulation.

The creatures have a lot in common with spiders. Still, they have some distinct advantages, like the limbs, which can swipe rapidly to break flesh, and appendages that function like an organic connection to the other.

The wild Bloodstalkers are hunter-in-the-wild who stay in the trees while watching potential prey. When they spot a potential victim, they can grab it with their web. They bring them to their position to feast on the helpless victim.

The Bloodstalker isn’t going to pass up on the chance to be a simple meal for humans and is almost unnoticeable within the canopy, as humans stand little chance once the beast bites them.

After being tamed, the creature forms a symbiotic connection with its owner that is created by luring the surviving person so they can take on the same actions the survivor is thinking of and provide enhanced senses.


  • LMB – Single web/catch dino.
  • RMB – Double web for fast transport (if you are on the ground, you can RMB and go back a little to get slingshotted).
  • C – Attack.
  • Space – Jump/double jump (jump and then hold space to stick on the wall).
  • CTRL – Parachute.
  • X – Cancel web/dive under water (X again to go on water).

Note: When you want webs to go/fly fast in the air, use 1x; if touching the ground, use space 2x.

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