Blue Archive Tier list

Blue Archive Tier list

As per the performance in the battles and their classes, the characters are ranked in the game. The Blue Archive Tier List provides you the best characters on the basis of their ranking. Blue Archive is one of the most popular RPG-based mobile games. It is developed and published by NEXON. With a communicator that is called Momo Talk, now you can talk to other players in the game. The character designs are well-structured and optimized. You will also find 3D well-structured combat with kawaii in game characters. These characters are the best example of animations.

In this article, you will get to know about the best characters of the Blue Archive. By going through this blog, you will learn how to conquer the game.

How does the Blue Archive Tier list work?

Characters in Blue Archive can be classified into 5 Groups/Tier as

  • S Tier: This group has the strongest characters of the game. They are very hard to defeat. You should definitely use them in-game.
  • A Tier: This group has strong characters but not as strong as S Tier characters.
  • B Tier: This group has characters with average skills. They are in a healthy and balanced state.
  • C Tier: This group has characters weaker than the above Tiers.
  • D Tier: This group has the weakest characters in the game.

Blue Archive Tier list

Blue Archive Attackers – Tier List

Here is a list of the best Attackers in Blue Archive.



S Lori, Hibiki, Haruna, Nonomi, Shun, Hina, Aru, Karin
A Shiroko, Midori, Akari, Momoi, Chise, Junko, Izuna, Saya, Serika, Fina, Maki
B Hasumi, Tsurugi, Neru, Sumire, Izumi
C Mashiro, Mutsuki, Utaha
D Yoshimi, Asuna

Blue Archive Supporters – Tier List

Here is a list of the best Support characters in Blue Archive.



S Kotama
A Hifumi, Akame
B Kirino, Kotori
C Shizuko
D Shimiko, Kayoko, Hare, Juri, Suzumi, Airi

Blue Archive Tanks – Tier List

Tanks have good health and can take a serious amount of damage. Here is a list of the best Tank Characters in Blue Archive.



S Tsubaki
A Hoshino, Haruka, Yuuka
B Eimi

Blue Archive Healers – Tier List

Here is a list of the best healer characters to use in Blue Archive.

Tier Character(s)
S Hanae, Serika
A Chinatsu, Fuuka, Ayane, Hanako

This is all you need to need to know about Blue ArchiveTier List. It is to inform you that the whole list is based on our experience. You may have different opinion and you may share it with us. Furthermore, the list will be kept on changing due to new feature updates.

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You will surely love Blue Archive if you are an Otaku and like to watch Anime. The best graphics you can get in RPG mobile game is Blue Archive. The game mechanics are highly structured and exceedingly impressive. You are an advisor in the Federal Investigation Club, Kivotos, and Schale. All the mysteries occurring around the world would be resolved by you in the game.

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