Bubble Already Premiered On Netflix


The anime film Bubble by Tetsuro Araki is now available on Netflix worldwide.

Produced by Studio Wit, known for their work on Attack on Titan, Bubble transports you to a Tokyo that is forever transformed by a supernatural event.

When bubbles that completely defy all concepts of the laws of physics and gravity appear in the city, the cast of characters will have to learn to deal with a new reality, full of concepts that defy your imagination.

Written by Gen Urobuchi and directed by Araki, Bubble has an intriguing premise and deserves the attention of all anime fans with an active Netflix subscription.

It should also be noted that Bubble’s soundtrack is the responsibility of Hiroyuki Sawano, a brilliant Japanese composer who, in addition to the anime Attack on Titan, showed his enormous talent to the whole world with the soundtrack of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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