Code Vein – Detailed Maps (Areas of Vein)

Code Vein – Detailed Maps (Areas of Vein)

The Depths in Code Vein are a series of dungeons you can explore that will give you benefits that go beyond the usual contents you’ll discover throughout the game. To get to the depths, you must first go into home base. Home Base hub.

In the area, you’ll meet an NPC who will allow them access to deep spaces. But, in order to go into the Depths and face the challenges in these regions you must find maps throughout the story. There are a variety of depths areas that you can unlock, and finishing these will grant you exclusive rewards, such as Haze and other things as well as powers-ups.


Ruined City Underground

Ruined City Center

Howling Pit

Dried-up Trenches

Cathedral of the Sacred Blood

Memory of Player

Ridge of Frozen Souls

Ashen Cavern

City of the Falling Flame

Crown of Sand

Crypt Spire

Provisional Government Outskirts

Provisional Government Center

Gaol of the Stagnant Blood

Depths: Den of Darkness

Depths: Den of the Dead

Depths: Town of Sacrifice

Depths: Flood of Impurity

Depths: Swirling Flood

Depths: Cliffs of Rust

Depths: Silent White

Depths: Arachnid Grotto

Depths: Misty Ruins

Depths: Rocky Ruins

Depths: Zero District

Depths: Void District


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