College Kings – Walkthrough Guide

College Kings – Walkthrough Guide

Complete Walkthrough


This guide is a complement to the walkthrough in long form, and is designed to create the best connections or move the most with each character.

The following scenarios are possible using the following characters and are achievable with this walkthrough in one playthrough:

  • Aubrey Sex Scene (x3) and the reveal of costumes at the shop
  • Autumn – Meet her to discuss political signs
  • Emily – Sex scene (x1)
  • Evelyn – dinner date
  • Lauren – beach date
  • Penelope – bowling date
  • Riley – sex scene (x2)

Additionally The purpose of this guide is to allow you to explore your options in order to allow every girl to the homecoming celebration.

This walkthrough is just one, and definitely not the only method to do this, as it is possible to switch between choices , but they won’t affect your Boyfriend/Broor Troublemaker points too much. But be aware that at specific levels, a particular KCT feature is required.

This guide will skip two scenes. However:

A dinner evening with Lauren on Day 4 is a good idea. If you begin to develop a friendship with Lauren too early it will be difficult to be able to bring all the other girls to homecoming.

A drunken kissing scene with one of Amber or Kim If you’re drunk at Josh’s party on Day 5, you’ll be irritated Chloe after you have a chance to meet Chloe later on.

Additionally, not all achievements will be rewarded since some are in have conflicting goals and it’s not possible to collect each one in a single game. Consult the guide on Achievements for specific advice if you’re in need of it.

For homecoming The following girls would agree to be your date , if you request their permission: Amber (though you’ll spend the night at her home rather), Chloe, Emily, Lauren, Penelope and Riley.

Even if you don’t invite the girls to homecoming with you as your date, you’ll be able to go home to Chloe and Riley. Read the achievement guide for Homecoming queens and the game of fire, for more information.

Day 1

At home

Reply to Emily’s text message:

  • You cheated on me. Go to hell!

Driving with Julia

With Julia:

  • Could be fun

At college entrance

With Autumn:

  • Flirt

In class

  • Make fun of Elijah

With Lauren:

  • Disagree
  • Defend Autumn
  • You’re cuter

Free roam

Reply to Julia’s text message:

  • Thanks, Julia

Chat with Riley:

  • She’s hot.

Chat with Elijah:

  • So… the nerds?

Chat with Chris/Nora, then check on Nora again:

  • Flirt

End free roam

In dorm

With Imre:

  • So, they’re equally good?

Invite Lauren over:

  • Hey Lauren, would you want to hang out with me and my friends tonight?
  • Just come to dorm 109 at 8
  • Cool

Drink or dare:

  • You’re missing out
  • Drink instead
  • Do it, or drink.

At night, with Imre:

  • Riley’s mine.
  • You’re right, sorry.

Dream sequence:

  • Keep dreaming [Sex scene with Riley]

Day 2

In class

With Lauren:

  • Bad roommates suck.

In the park

With Lauren:

  • Yet, you’re here with me.
  • I’ve broken into an Ikea
  • You’re really beautiful.
  • Kiss her


Reply to Ryan’s text message

Free roam (party)

Chat with Josh/Aubrey:

  • Flirt
  • Say you’re a fighter

Chat with Mason/Jeremy:

  • Yeah, he better watch out.

Reply to Lauren’s text message:

  • Yeah, sure.

End free roam.

Meeting Chloe

  • She’s occupied.
  • Make fun of him
  • Poke fun

Day 3


With Imre:

  • Hmm… maybe.

Reply to Ryan’s text message:

  • No, wtf was that?! ♥♥♥♥ Grayson and ♥♥♥♥ the Apes
  • Whatever

Reply to Lauren’s text message:

  • Yeah, SV cafe in 20 mins?

Walking outside

  • Keep walking
  • Walk away


With Lauren:

  • Let’s forget about it.

Reply to Josh’s text message:

  • Sorry, man. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Corridor / Doctor’s office

With Emily:

  • Okay, I guess.
  • I’m still single.
  • It was so funny.
  • Sure, knock yourself out.
  • Tell Emily about Benjamin.

On the way to shopping

Reply to Aubrey’s text messages:

  • Wait they’re not dating?
  • My day tomorrow is quite full, but how about today? I need to buy a costume.
  • I’m not talking tonight, I can pick you up right now.
  • Cool, I’ll be 20 mins.

Meet Penelope, then reply to Aubrey’s text message:

  • Yeah, I’m just on my way, I’ll be right there.

Clothing store

  • Try the Viking costume.
  • Peek, then stop.
  • It’s definitely something.
  • Try the Knight costume.
  • Peek, then stop.
  • certainly practical.
  • Try the Cowboy costume.
  • Don’t peek.
  • Oh come on. [Aubrey costume reveal, KCT Popular is required]
  • Buy the Viking costume


With Imre:

  • You’re crazy.
  • Hell yeah.

Meeting Chloe

With Chloe:

  • Ask her about it
  • Let her win

Day 4


With Imre:

  • Show off

With Evelyn:

  • Approach her
  • Be smart

Meeting Aubrey

  • Reply to Aubrey’s text message

With Aubrey:

  • Dare
  • Kiss her [Sex scene with Aubrey]

Outside dorm room

With Lauren:

  • I don’t know…


With Julia:

  • Answer
  • Shopping sounds great.

Going for a picnic

With Riley/Ryan:

  • Compliment Riley
  • Insult Ryan
  • She’s into me.
  • Kiss her


With Imre:

  • Let’s ♥♥♥♥ him up.


With Riley:

  • Blame Ryan
  • Don’t ask

Day 5


With Julia:

  • It was an accident.
  • Tell her about Chloe
  • Buy the volleyball


  • Reply to Chloe’s text message


With Ryan:

  • Talk to him


With Penelope:

  • I didn’t.
  • We should watch some.
  • You wanna go bowling?
  • Encourage her

Josh’s party

Reply to Josh’s text message:

  • I’m meeting a friend at 11, so I can’t really
  • Josh, I don’t know, man. I don’t wanna be late.
  • Fine, I’ll come. But I need to go before 11.
  • I can move.
  • I’ll join the Wolves.
  • I should stop here.
  • Sorry, I really can’t.

Chicks’ place

With Chloe:

  • I believe you.

Day 6


Reply to Amber’s text messages:

  • Wow, you really missed me that much, huh?
  • Don’t worry, you’ll see me again
  • Haha, I’m fine.

Reply to Lauren’s text message

Personality tests

With Lauren:

  • Struggle making difficult decisions: Disagree
  • Animal lover: Agree
  • Relationship person: Disagree
  • Yes
  • Continue

Situation #1: Press the lever

  • Yeah, let’s do it.

Situation #2: Press the lever

  • Yeah, okay.

Situation #3: Don’t press the lever

  • That was too far.

Confronting Adam

  • Leave it
  • Keep it to yourself


  • Reply to Chloe’s text message
  • Meet Chloe
  • Reply to Chloe’s text message


With Chloe:

  • Just let it ring.
  • Don’t ask
  • Trust her


Reply to Amber’s text messages:

  • Yeah, I’m in my dorm, why?
  • Woah, what was that for?
  • And you chose me, huh?

Day 7

Meeting Grayson

With Grayson:

  • I guess we are.

Outside class

With Ms. Rose:

  • Check it out


With Nora:

  • Run after her

Calling Evelyn:

  • It’ll be a nice dinner. [Date with Evelyn]

Dorm / Emily’s place

With Emily:

  • Accept call
  • Be understanding
  • Kiss her back [Sex with Emily]

Dinner date

With Evelyn:

  • Hot
  • Make a joke
  • Ask about her dreams
  • Kiss her


Reply to Aubrey’s text message:

  • Yeah, sure.

Aubrey’s place

  • A few different girls. [Sex with Aubrey]

Dorm / Meeting Grayson

  • Meet Grayson
  • Question
  • I’m not in


  • Save Lauren

Day 8

Outside gym

Reply to Aubrey’s text message

Reply to Amber’s text message:

  • Just walking back from the gym wbu?
  • Sports X and you?
  • Maybe we should do a home workout together sometime

Reply to Penelope’s text message

Poetry slam

With Riley:

  • Praise her
  • Mock him
  • Praise her
  • No way I’m doing that.

Bowling date

With Penelope:

  • Kiss her

Free roam – Wolves’ party

Meet Josh/Kim (outside):

  • Decline

Meet Peter/Harry:

  • Kourtney

Chat with Aubrey/Emily:

  • It was nothing.

Chat with Riley/Finn:

  • Ask Riley something

Chat with Amber:

  • You’re such a tease.

Chat with Nora:

  • Don’t defend Chloe

Chat with Chloe:

  • Nora’s being stupid

Inspect the office upstairs, clicking the certificate, the encyclopaedia, the trophy case and the picture on the wall, then check back on Emily/Aubrey

  • Ask Emily upstairs

Chat with Chris/Marcus twice to end the free roam

Locked room

With Chris:

  • That’s really impressive.

End of the party

  • Walk Riley home
  • Start flirting
  • Yeah, I’d like that.

Day 9


Reply to Riley’s text message, then check Emily’s post on Kiwii.

Reply to Penelope’s text message:

  • We’re not a thing

Call Emily:

  • Get angry

Dog shelter

With Autumn:

  • Almost as cute as you.
  • Yes, of course.
  • Can I join?

Dorm / Beach date

  • Reply to Riley’s text messages

With Lauren:

  • Sounds good, when were you thinking?
  • Sure, I’ll come pick you up
  • You’re cute.
  • Kiss her [KCT Loyal is required]

Dorm / Wolves party

  • Pledge to the Wolves
  • Eliminate Imre
  • Get the call
  • True.
  • Do it
  • Pull away

At night

  • Text her

Day 10

History class

  • Defend yourself


Choose your girl for homecoming. You can ask Aubrey and Autumn, but they will always decline. Amber will accept to be your date, but she will invite you over to her place instead of going to homecoming.

If you want to take Amber out, tell her:

  • Alright, I’m in. [KCT Popular is required]

Reply to Riley’s text message:

  • Sure, on my way  [Sex scene with Riley]

Day 11


  • Reply to Autumn’s text messages

Making signs

  • Say something witty

Free roam (homecoming) – Gym left side

Check on Aubrey taking pictures, then get back to her:

  • Alright, let’s go. [Blowjob from Aubrey]

Free roam

At this point you can continue to explore the homecoming free roam, and leave with the girl you took as a date (she will be waiting at the dancefloor).

If you’d rather leave with Chloe or Riley instead, check the paths on Homecoming queen and Playing with fire achievements.

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