Control – Materials and Where to Find Them

Control – Materials and Where to Find Them

The following Control Materials Guide will give you all specific regarding Materials and their functions and where to locate they are. Materials are essential to upgrade the weapon’s forms.

Materials can be obtained by killing enemies that drop loot. They are also obtainable by opening the containers. In the initial stages of the game, you’ll not be able to use the upgrade materials. This is only possible once you’ve finished your Hotline Phone puzzle, where you can communicate via The Board.

When you upgrade a weapon that you prefer You will see that to improve the form of the weapon you’ll require certain items. These are the only materials that can be found in the different locations in the game. The only way to obtain these is to visit the area first, and then take them from enemies, as well as by opening up containers.

Materials Locations List:

Material – Location:

  • Undefined Reading – Executive
  • House Memory – Executive
  • Ritual Impulse – Maintenance
  • Threshold Remnant – Maintenance
  • Intrusive Pattern – Research
  • Astral Blip – Research
  • Remote Thought – Containment
  • Entropic Echo – Containment
  • Hidden Trend – Bureau Alerts and Named Enemies
  • Untapped Potential – Mission Rewards
  • Corrupted Sample – Mold Enemies

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