Cookie Clicker – Fastest Path to Sacrifice Garden

Cookie Clicker – Fastest Path to Sacrifice Garden

The fastest method to acquire Sugar Lumps without sacrificing your garden.


This is the order in which I get seeds and try to complete a complete seed log as quickly as possible (to obtain Sugar Lumps as fast as possible). I’ve made a list of what I should focus on the next time and trying to go right to the slowest maturing plants first.

Straight to Queenbeets:

First, the “Straight to Juicy Queenbeets” path, starting with nothing but Baker’s Wheat

  • Baker’s Wheat
  • Bakeberry
  • Meddleweed
  • Brown Mold
  • Chocoroot
  • Queenbeet
  • Juicy Queenbeet!

Leftovers from JQ Gardening:

Then the “Leftovers from JQ gardening” path. Make sure to get these with the leftover Queenbeets after farming in that 4 square patterns (but chances are, you’ll get these before getting a JQ)

  • Skriekbulb
  • Duketater!

Straight to Drowsyfern:

Next, “Straight to Drowsyfern”

  • Thumbcorn (probably already have this from the first stage)
  • Cronerice
  • Gildmillet
  • Ordinary Clover
  • White Mildew (probably already have this too)
  • Greenrot
  • Keenmoss
  • Drowsyfern!

Straight to Everdaisy:

Now, “Straight to Everdaisy”

  • Shimmerlily
  • Elderwart
  • White Chocoroot
  • Tidygrass
  • Everdaisy!

Everything Else:

Finally, “Everything Else.” This order is arguable, so if you instead want to focus on rarer plants rather than slowly maturing plants, that’s fine too

  • Crumbspore
  • Ichorpuff
  • Wardlichen
  • Whiskerbloom
  • Nursetulip
  • Doughshroom
  • Fools’ Bolete
  • Wrinklegill
  • Chimerose
  • Glovemorel
  • Golden Clover
  • Cheapcap


This is what I personally do, but I’m more than happy to hear arguments for more optimal paths (for example, I could see an argument for trying to get Elderwarts right after Juicy Queenbeets to speed up that process. I could also see an argument for trying to unlock useful plants to use on the side first) I prefer this path though, since I am at the point where all I care about are Sugar Lumps.

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