Dead by Daylight – DbD Grades (New Ranking System)

Dead by Daylight – DbD Grades (New Ranking System)

Introduced in Dead by Daylight’s latest patch update, grades will take over the rank system and provide the new design of ranking rewards for each Season of DBD.


Grades, in contrast to the previous Rankings that they replaced, do not serve as a Matchmaking-process but instead serve as the Rank-Reward system for each Season of Rankings in Dead by Daylight.

Killers and Survivors are assigned their Grade, which is shared between all Killers and Survivors.


Grades come in 5 Qualities, with each Quality being subdivided into 4 Levels.

Changing Grade:

A Player’s Grade is determined by the number of Pips they obtain in a given Ranking Season.

Pips can be gained, lost, or kept at the current number depending on one’s performance in ranked Trials.


Emblem System:

Whether a Player gains keeps, or loses Pips is determined by their performance in the Trial, as judged by the Emblem System introduced in Patch 1.9.4.

The Quality of an Emblem determines the Emblem Points it will add to the Ranking Bar displayed on the Tally Screen after a Trial:

The Ranking Bar is segmented into 16 Subdivisions, reflecting that 4 Iridescent Emblems will award 16 Emblem Points in the best-case scenario.

Ranking Seasons:

Grades are only valid for one Ranking Season, which lasts for one month, after which one’s Grade is reset back to Ash IV for either side.

Ranking Rewards:

Once one’s Grade is reset, a certain amount of Bloodpoints is awarded depending on the Grade Level one has obtained.

This reward is obtained once for the Survivor Grade and once for the Killer Grade:

Killer Grades:

Survivor Grades:

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