Death End Request: All Endings Guide

Death End Request: All Endings Guide

Death End Request: All Endings Guide


Death End Request is a classic franchise of role-playing video games. The video game invites its player to have a real-time experience of visual novel segments. The video game portrays the story of the dark realms where Shina Ninomiya is captivated using the Virtual Reality MMORPG that give as real-life experience of “World’s Odyssey”. Below we have compiled the list of Death End Request: All Endings Guide for our readers.

Death end reQuest: All Endings Guide

Guide for All Ending Route.

Bad Ending:


– The Body Electric : Lost at the first battle.
Reward : Picked Bone (Accessory +50 DEF)


  • Naïve : Choose option Help the NPC.
    Reward : Shadow Ring (Accessory +30 MAT/+40 AGI)
  • A Sacred Execution : Try to leave the throne room after the big doors open.
    Reward : Heart Earrings (Accessory +20 SP/+50 ATK)
  • Brute Force : In reality, choose option It couldn’t be paranormal.
    Reward : Strange Diary (Accessory +200 HP/+10 ATK)
  • Centipede’s Toy : Lost when battle with Boss Skala.
    Reward : Entoma Fragment (Accessory +30 ATK/+30 DEF/+30 MAT/+30 MDF)


  • Curiosity Killed the Neighbor : Head twice to the corrupted room.
    Reward : Corrupted Data (Accessory +75 MAT)
  • Not the Freshest Catch : Choose option Try eating the fish.
    Reward : Fish Bones (Accessory +200 HP/+10 DEF/+20 MDF)
  • Big Bonus : Choose option Ignore the merchant.
    Reward : I.O.U (Accessory – +120 MDF)


  • Too Little, Too Late : Choose option Everyone run for it.
    Reward : Guard Bracelet, Lv. 2 (Accessory +40 DEF/+20 MDF)
  • The Ultimate Price : Choose option Verifying Shina’s connection.
    Reward : Shina’s Broken Glasses (Accessory +50 SP/+25 MAT)
  • The Last Thing You See : In reality, choose option Run as fast as you can.
    Reward : Sturdy Sneakers (Accessory +60 HP/+40 AGI)
  • Fear Incarnate : Choose option I’m scared!.
    Reward : Guard Bracelet, Lv. 3 (Accessory +60 DEF/+30 MDF)


  • A Big Misunderstanding : Choose option Sneak a peek at the photo.
    Reward : Mindful Ring (Accessory +50 MDF)
  • Scapegoat : Choose option Beat them to the chase.
    Reward : Souvenir (Accessory +20 HP/+20 SP/+60 ATK)
  • Confessions of a Sadist : Lost when battle with The Slaughterer.
    Reward : Guard Bracelet, Lv. 5 (Accessory +100 DEF/+50 MDF)
  • The Price for Freedom : In reality, choose option NO! I don’t want to die!.
    Reward : Guard Bracelet, Lv. 2 (Accessory +40 DEF/+20 MDF)
  • IRIS : In reality, choose option Take a risk.
    Reward : Entry-Level Torture Guide (Accessory +20 ATK/+120 MAT)


  • When in Doubt : Choose option Defeat her, and take the boat.
    Reward : Attack Ring (Accessory +100 ATK)
  • Step Into My Parlor : Run away from battle with Araful and leave the room.
    Reward : Human-sized Coccon (Accessory +100 DEF/+30 MAT)


  • Chaos Unhinged : Choose option Attempt to comfort Lucil.
    Reward : Mysterious Hand-mirror (Accessory +40 HP/+40 SP/+40 ATK/+40 DEF/+40 MAT/+40 MDF)
  • Law and Order : In reality, choose option Run through.
    Reward : Daily Progress Report (Accessory +250 HP)
  • Closure : Lost when battle with Lily (Glitch Mode).
    Reward : Maid Bonnet (Accessory +20 DEF/+40 MDF/+40 AGI)


  • Heart of Darkness : Lost when battle with Al (Glitch Mode).
    Reward : Rugged Beast Claw (Accessory +140 ATK)
  • Hasty Decision : In reality, choose option Rush Munakata.
    Reward: Failsafe Radio (Accessory +100 SP/+60 AGI)


  • Shall We Dance? : Lost when battle with Lucil (Glitch Mode).
    Reward : Marionette (Accessory +400 HP/+42 DEF/+42 MDF)
  • The Jar of Relevations : In reality, choose option Find out the truth after found the book at Godot Ruins.
    Reward: Program Tutorial (Accessory +90 SP/+70 MAT)


  • Time is of the Essence : After placing the mushrooms, head to the save point.
    Reward : Brawn Ring (Accessory +300 HP)


  • Perfect Ending : Lost when battle with Heaven’s Messenger.

Normal Ending:

The normal ending will of Death End Quest doesn’t complete some of the fetch quests and the player can also miss some DLC bonus items while at it. If you have reached the fetch quest to achieve the ending where you can defeat Ripuka in the last chapter.

Note: To get to the True Ending go to required map a choose Lend a hand.

Character Ending

The 1st playthrough, you will only get 1 Character Ending randomly.
While undergoing the 2nd playthrough, New Game+ :
Only need to battle with the last boss many times (of course, save first before do it), and choose the desired Character Ending, this can be done continuously until all Character Ending are obtained.

True Ending

Only need to complete all the fetch quests before the last save point.
You can buy all the items you need for them in the last chapter.


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