Does Apple Ships Airpods With Iphone 13?

Does Apple Ships Airpods With Iphone 13?

. iPhone 13 AirPods

Till now, there is no Apple product that is shipped with the AirPods. The AirPods or you may say the wireless airbuds are sold out separately. You can buy it from Apple store or by directing to a third party source.

The previous iPhone models were shipped with wired headphone pairs but there are no ear accessories included in box since the launch of iPhone 12. iPhone 13 also does not include the AirPods. Even the next generation devices will not include AirPods. It is expected that the new devices will only get Lightning to USB-C cable and you will need to purchase other accessories separately.

You can easily buy accessories from Amazon. The starting price is almost $150 and it varies depending upon quality. The retail price of Apple EarPods is almost $19.99.

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