Does The Trick Of Other, Share And Cancel Works On Tiktok?

Does The Trick Of Other, Share And Cancel Works On Tiktok?


The Tiktok users follow a lot of cute and amazing tricks to get more likes and followers on the videos. There is a heart icon on which the users tap and like the uploaded video. It is actually a type of voting system through which anyone can know which content is liked the most. If there are more likes, the video can easily be on For You Page. As a result, more and more people can view it even if they are not in the follwers of the user. The more likes a video gets, the more famous video becomes.

There are some tiktokers who try different tricks to get more and more likes. They can go for any trick to get attention. One of the most famous trick to get likes is adding a caption that the color of heart will change if you will tap on it. It does not changes colour at all and remains red.

There is another trick, people ask the followers and the viewers to double tap the screen when viewing the video to get the surprise. It is a short cut to like the videos. By double tapping, one like is increased on the videos. Well, there are many other ways as well through which people get more likes and follows.

Now, there is a recent trend that is popular on tiktok. It is “share, other, cancel.” There are also many other names of this trend as well. It is actually hard to know which trick is followed as tiktok fad disappears real quick. So, you will unable to track the fads. In this way, you can gain more and more followers and you can also get TikTok famous if you will follow the steps below:

  1. First you will ask them to tap the share arrow
  2. Then scroll down to share to options
  3. Then go for Other option
  4. And after that go for cancel option

I personally tried this trick but have not get the promising outcomes. We can conclude that it is another baseless trend on tiktok as well.

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