Ender Lilies – Full Game Map & Area Maps

Ender Lilies – Full Game Map & Area Maps

Welcome to our Ender Lilies Area Maps guide! We’ll continue to update you with additional information when they’re available. Remember to redeem these within the shortest time possible because you will never know when they’ll be gone.

Full Game Map:

Individual Area Maps:

Each took approximately 4 hours to complete and involved assembling several images similar to how I made my Carrion maps just a few months ago.

Since I utilized my 100% endgame save the file to make it easier to get around, All doors were opened, all switches and levers were pushed, and all walls were pustulous.

I’ve put all the red pustulant walls in by hand, the darker ones that don’t require a lot of force, and the more glowing walls that need a fully charged lance charge spectral.

PS Note: The numbers aren’t required to represent the order in which they’re progressing -even with my poor level of proficiency, I’m sure they’re in the order I’d like to tackle them.

01 – Cathedral:

02 – White Parish:

03 – Cliffside Hamlet:

04 – Witch’s Thicket:

05 – Catacombs:

06 – Twin Spires & Hinterlands:

07 – Stockade:

08 – Ruined Castle:

09 – Verboten Domain & The Abyss:

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