Fallout 3 – Instant Crash Fix

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Instant Crash Fix after Patch

  • Go to Settings->System->Display->Graphics settings
  • Then click Browse and select Windows->Program Files (x86)->Steam->steamapps->common->Fallout 3 goty->Fallout3.exe
  • Once you selected Fallout3.exe, it should appear under the “Browse” button, click it and then choose options under it. Select High performance and save
  • Then click Browse again and choose Windows->Program Files (x86)->Steam->steamapps->common->Fallout 3 goty->FalloutLauncherSteam.exe
  • FalloutLauncherSteam.exe should now also appear under the “Browse” button. Click it and select High performance and save again. (Be sure to do this to both Fallout3.exe and FalloutLauncherSteam.exe, otherwise, it might not work).

Now close your settings window, go to Steam, and enjoy playing Fallout 3. I hope this helped you if you were wondering how to get it working.

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