Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebook Review

Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebook Review TOB

The new Google Pixelbook is now available as the latest notebook model by Google. It has many similarities with its predecessors, including the processor speed, attractive design, and high price. It’s that good. Google Pixelbook and the Chromebook Pixel are alike in this way. The name was changed to show that it’s not just an upgraded version of the Pixel but has significant new features.

The primary issue is whether the Chromebook is comparable to the ones we’ve seen. If it is affordable and worth the price in PS999 even. Even though spending this much money on a basic laptop may be costly, we believe it’s worth the cost. Pixelbook 12 by Google is an excellent laptop for this job. Let’s elaborate in detail

Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebook Review -

About Google Pixelbook 12in

The Pixelbook has a quick charging capability. Its battery life isn’t the most remarkable feature as it isn’t up to the mark with previous Chromebooks, which cost less.

However, it is different from the other Chromebooks due to the improved Android app integration. It offers users a more accessible and comprehensive experience by linking all its features.

Google deserves praise for its foresight. The thought of a laptop with a 3:2 aspect ratio doesn’t look appealing to me. However, the overall design of the Pixelbook makes it one of the most desirable laptops available today.

Pixelbook’s unibody style constructed of metal can be shaky, but it’s an attractive and practical design. The wrist rests are made from silicon, as well as the accents are just two additional features worth mentioning.

The distinctive feature of Pixelbook’s unique feature Pixelbook is its capacity to fulfill the idea of a compact laptop. It’s not exactly like typical laptops in terms of style or appearance. We can call it an impressive imitation of an actual notebook.

It’s specially designed to resemble the appearance and feel of worn-out, old notebooks that you’d love to add to your library!

The slim and gorgeous laptop is a size of 10.3mm and is secured by aluminum and white plastic regarding the size. The name implies that the display is 12 inches wide and features a 2400×1600 resolution which is the standard. The display outperforms Apple’s Retina display in the number of pixels (235ppi) and offers greater clarity than other displays.

The Pixelbook weighs 2.5 and is portable. The slim design that it offers makes it a fantastic option for those who need to move frequently and have their laptops on them all through the day.

It is equipped with 2 USB Type C connectors that draw much power off its corners. The headphone port is to the left of the front.

Google Pixelbook 12in Performance

It is a laptop that lasts and has powerful specifications, excellent features, and good value. The price of the Pixelbook is not justified without the proper specifications.

It’s a relief that Google has not disappointed us in this regard.

Let’s look at the specs provided by Google Pixelbook comes with.

In the past, we were led to believe that the Chromebook didn’t have the powerful specifications that could ensure flawless performance.

With the release of Google Pixelbook 12in, we now have a very powerful Chromebook available to us.

Pixelbook is like a knife cutting through a cake because of the power of the seventh-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU.

However, users should be aware that these are ultra-low-power versions that reflect older Core m processors more accurately than the modern processors used in the most expensive laptops.

Users can add up to 16GB of RAM and NVMe storage that can reach 500GB to boost immersion and improve the productivity of laptops.

The Pixelbook’s Core i5 processor is efficient, with speeds of 1.2GHz and an additional boost that can go up to 3.3GHz. However, Core i7 processors are more efficient. Core i7, on the contrary, operates at 1.3GHz, which is an increase that can reach 3.6GHz.

Concerning the memory, Pixelbook can support either 16GB or 8GB memory and SSD storage of up to 512GB.

Even without the most influential specs, the Google Pixelbook with a Core i5-7Y57 processor and 8GB of RAM is a potent laptop. While it’s not among the most powerful specs, the Pixelbook can run Android applications with zero delays.


While it’s certainly not an alternative to a desktop computer, Google Pixelbook has similar features. It’s more of an ordinary laptop that connects to cloud storage. It’s durable and has several features that can be used for everyday use. This 3.5mm headset Jack is an excellent option to turn off the speaker, which could be annoying.

It is claimed that the Google Pixelbook 12in feels similar to a laptop. Combining the materials used to create a solid external and comfortable keyboard provides enough room for the mouse to move. Although the display appears dull and does not work with developers’ applications, it’s incredibly responsive and lets you edit Microsoft Office files. People using this Chromebook are unlikely to be going back to your MacBook Air. The touchpad is also comfy with no bugs.

A single of the more attractive aspects of the Google Pixelbook 12in is the pen. It’s a fantastic tool for drawing during workplace work, drawing, or even taking notes. It’s got a wide range of features, including pressure sensitivity, perfect for any kind of work. In addition, Android applications are available to be used with the device, which makes it the ideal pen for people who love using their Mac. A few drawbacks of the Google Pixelbook 12in: despite the size of the display, some Android applications aren’t designed to work well on a massive device. A keyboard positioned in a manner that doesn’t make it comfortable when using tablet mode can be the best thing.

The screen of its screen on the Google Pixelbook 12in is a little small, and the size makes the device difficult for users to operate as a tablet. The keyboard doesn’t have the right design to take advantage of a larger screen and is thin and bulky for portrait usage. Although it’s a beautiful device, it’s not equipped with an ultra-high-resolution display. It’s also rather significant, and the screen doesn’t appear sharp.

The display is a typical touchscreen device. The screen is small and shiny. Also, it is susceptible to slides. The screen isn’t easy to grasp, but it has high contrast. It’s a crucial feature of Pixelbook and is easy to access and use. The screen is by far the primary component of the computer. It allows you to browse the internet, play videos, or read documents.

Google Pixelbook 12in is a lightweight and portable device that can be carried on long trips. It weighs 2.4 pounds and is only 10mm thick. This makes it an ideal device to take and easily pack into backpacks. It comes with an all-HD display with a large dynamic range. You get a stylus that lets you draw on the screen quickly. It also comes with a fingerprint scanner. The laptop is built with a strong base and is highly durable.


The greatest thing about the Google Pixelbook 12in is its sturdy design. This 10.1-inch laptop has standard-sized costing around $1,000. It is made from solid aluminum and warm-grip grips for your wrist. The camera is adept at taking square photos that are perfect for gaming and family photos. Because it is light in weight, it’s a great choice to travel with.

Google’s Google Pixelbook comes with a Google Assistant built-in. The voice-activated virtual assistant is operated by your voice. It is possible to set it up through Google Home, the Google Home app on your phone, or on your Pixelbook itself. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll be able to go to work immediately. The Pixelbook is an excellent option in games. While the Pixelbook isn’t a huge device, it’s solid. It’s a speedy processor that can run multiple applications at once. The screen is stunning, and with an aspect ratio of 3:2, it is incredible and is sure to grab people’s attention.

One of the most impressive features of the Pixelbook is its processor. Its processors are efficient. Its 1.3GHz standard CPU can be upgraded to 3.9GHz.

The i5-specced version can change to an I7-specced version. It is equipped with the necessary seventh Gen Intel processors, and the Pixelbook 12 offers the best performance. The keyboard can be uncomfortable to use when it is in tablet mode.

Features: Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebook Review

Assistance from the Google assistant.

Utilize the Google Assistant button in your computer keyboard and type “Ok Google” to get moving. It’s easy to use. Google Assistant is always ready to assist you.

Circle using Pixelbook Pen.

Make use of the Pixelbook Pen to get help from Google Assistant. Press the button, and create an outline of the text or image in your Pixelbook to ask questions about your requirements or respond rapidly.

The device is able to adapt to the surroundings by the application of four-in-one styles.

Pixelbook’s 10.3mm ultra-thin, Unibody 2.45 kilograms of lightweight design has a 12.3 360 degrees touchscreen. It can easily adjust to your preferences by combining tablet, laptop tent, and entertainment mode.

Pixelbook comes with an aluminum frame that’s elegant and sleek. It is also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass detail and a backlit keyboard.

Continue to play on a charge that will last throughout the day.

For up to 10 hours, the battery Pixelbook lets you travel without the need to locate outlets. If you need power, then you’ll have the ability to get 2 hours of use from just 15 minutes of charging.

Optimized to speed using the seventh-generation Intel Core processor.

Google Pixelbook has a 7th generation Intel Core processor for faster browsing and the ability to multitask entertainment and browsing and much more.

Apps that work or play.

Discover more of your favorite things by using apps like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail Photos, and many more. Download the most beloved songs to download from YouTube Red and Google Play Movies to play them without Wi-Fi.

Speed, security, and ease of use are all part of Chrome OS.

Pixelbook comes with Chrome OS, which means it updates itself automatically and ensures you have the most recent security protection against malware. Additionally, it’s swift. Pixelbook can be launched in just 10 seconds, stay functional throughout the day, and not slow down over time.

Pens that can be used in more practical ways. Pixelbook Pen.

Meet the responsive, smart pen included in Google’s Google Pixelbook. It’s integrated into Google Assistant and it lets you draw, write and draw effortlessly.

Final Thoughts

The whole package provided by the makers of this Pixelbook can be considered inspiring. It’s a top contender among the gadgets available. This laptop is competitive with its competitors in design performance and specifications.

I’m sure that the price and battery life may cause you to be a bit confused, but having all the best features in one laptop can be pretty costly. This laptop-in-one laptop can be efficient in its tasks, stylish in design, mobile, and has a battery life of 10 hours. It’s a worthwhile purchase for those who need all the best features with the best quality.


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