ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame Crystal Wyvern (Crystal Isles)

ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame Crystal Wyvern (Crystal Isles)

Guide to Tame Crystal Wyvern:

There are several methods to tame a Crystal Wyvern. There are two quick and easy methods of taming the creatures, and I will review these.

First Method:

The first step is to purchase some crystal crystalize Giant Crystals, readily available in the northeast on the map.

If you’ve got Crystal you’d like to put it in the final slot on your Hotbar, then you must approach the Crystal Wyvern and offer it, Crystal, until he is conquered.

Second Method:

Sleeping with a Crystal Wyvern (i recommend using arrows with trends).

If your child is asleep, you’ll need to purchase some of the most delicate crystals you can obtain by sitting with him when sleeping.

Pressing the letter “E, “ you will receive a piece of Prime Crystal.

If you then approach that same Crystal Wyvern or another more advanced one and follow the same procedure that I taught you about Crystal with Prime Crystal that came with Prime Crystal, it will tame significantly faster.


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