House Flipper Buyer Guide (Buyer Profiles/Requirements)

House Flipper Buyer Guide (Buyer Profiles/Requirements)

House Flipper Buyer Guide (Buyer Profiles/Requirements)


House Flipper is a unique one-of-a-kind simulation role-playing game developed by PlayWay S.A. The video game allows players to experience a new level of architecture skills where they can Buy, repair, and remodel devastated houses and become a one-person renovation crew. In this blog, we will update your readers with the House Flipper Buyer Guide (Buyer Profiles/Requirements).

House Flipper

House Flipper Buyer Guide (Buyer Profiles)

House Flipper has changed its strength of buyers starting in the year 2022. Now each buyer has higher power. Below we have mentioned all the possible details about the House Flipper Buyer Guide (Buyer Profiles).

House Flipper Buyer's Guide

Tutorial – Job Orders

You are reading the guide of House Flipper. First, we will start with the fresh job orders that have been unlocked. Below we will update you with all the new Job Orders, Garden Flipping, and the other unlock requirements that are a part of this game. Every Home requires 5 job orders done

  • 25 homes in total
  • Unlocking all of the orders and homes goes toward your steam account level

American Garden video bonus

Garden Choice – American Garden

  • Plant Selection: Low Cut Coniferous Trees. Some were large in the video. They also included some other coniferous trees at the swimming pool.
  • Equipment: Alvar Furniture Set, Garden Umbrella Nasofa, Grill, Couch Doto. There’s no swimming pool as what I’m looking to buy. Only ponds and topside pools.
  • Layout: Gate Reo and Reo Fences, various surface stones including a walkway behind the Reo Fencing.

Chang Choi

Chang Choi is a student whose strength relies on the open spaces in his house. He can afford any cheaper house but he requires vast space. Select a home a destroy every wall to make space for Chang.

  • Housing Requirements: Abandoned House
  • Multifunctional Room
  • Mantis Bed
  • Bookcase Kall
  • Venne Horizontal Bookcase
  • Standard Desk and Swivel Chair
  • 2 or 3 Bears, 4 Balls, 4 Bunny Rabbits (big and small)
  • Tub, Toilet, and Sink

Note: Do not under any circumstances add walls!

Dolan Trusk

Dolan Trusk is a businessman and the first Office is sold to him. His office has to be totally refurbished and the first section to work on is the bathroom, and the bedroom.

  • Bathroom: Toilet and Sink. He will go to the gym to shower.
  • Bedroom: Just a bed.
  • Children’s Room: None
  • Kitchen: None
  • Laundry Room: None
  • Living Room: None
  • Office: Desk, Chair, Safe, and bookshelves. You can use an office bookshelf, photo, or UP shelves. I used plenty to make it a Home Library.
  • Storage: None

Gorgio Shanua

Gorgio Shanua can be described as you stylish Justin Bieber and his requirements are a Linen Closet and a Sauna.

Gorgio Shanua Requirements

  • Bathroom: Toilet, Tub, Sink
  • Bedroom: Double Bed, Dresser Optional
  • Kitchen: None Required
  • Closet / Laundry Room: Requires a smaller room. About 11 Square Meters. Two linen closets. You can also add a washer and a laundry basket.
  • Living Room: None Required, but I added a TV, two couches, bookcases, and a coffee table.
  • Office: None Required
  • Sauna: Any size above 10 Square Meters. I built my sauna on an average size at 12. Sauna benches, headrest, sauna heater, and water ladle.
  • Storage Room: None Required

Jack Tarinton

Jack Tarinton is a real estate agent that has the best property options available at the cheapest price range. You can buy everything at an unbelievably affordable price from the listing mentioned below:

Note: Do not under any circumstances build a full kitchen!

  • Bathroom (2 bathrooms): Toilet, Tub/Shower, Sink. Sell the third bathroom as storage or use hooks to hang coats.
  • Bedroom: Three Bedrooms. All single bed Jon. Dressers Optional.
  • Children’s Room: None
  • Kitchen: Countertops, Stove, Refrigerator. Bathroom Sink. Dining Set optional.
  • Laundry Room: None
  • Living Room: Sofa, TV, Table, Rug, Stand
  • Office: None
  • Sauna: Sauna benches, lights, heater, ladle, and a sand timer
  • Storage: None

Jantart Family

Jantart Family is a retired couple looking for vintage furniture. The requirement is a big classic house with lots of space for their Uninvited Guests.

  • Bathroom: Tub, Toilet, Sink, Mirror, Lights
  • Bedroom: Oldest bed you can, dresser drawers
  • Children’s Room: None
  • Kitchen: Oldest fridge, kitchen cabinets, sink, gas stove or stove
  • Laundry Room: None
  • Living Room: Oldest couch, coffee tables, lights, plants, and rugs
  • Living Room 2: Oldest couch, coffee tables, lights, plants, and rugs. Add bookcases as well.
  • Office: None
  • Sauna: None
  • Storage: None

Jimmy Traitor

Jimmy Traitor is a single guy that is quite friendly with the gals. He is looking for a spacious expensive house with furniture, no TV in the bedroom.

  • Bathroom: Standard. Tub, Toilet, Sink
  • Bedroom: Double bed (he doesn’t care the age), dresser
  • Kitchen: None
  • Laundry Room: None
  • Living Room: Couch, TV, Stand, Coffee Table. Home Cinema speakers optional
  • Office: None
  • Storage Room: None
  • Rugs, Plants, and Pictures are optional

Jonson Family

Jonson Family is a big family with six children looking for bedrooms that they can afford.

Note: Do not under any circumstances build a full kitchen!

  • Bathroom (2 bathrooms): Toilet, Tub/Shower, Sink
  • Bedroom: 1 Double Bed and Dresser
  • Children’s Room: 1 or 2 children beds, desks, chairs, balls, bears, bunnies
  • Kitchen: Countertop, Stove, Refrigerator. Bathroom Sink. Dining Set optional.
  • Laundry Room: None
  • Living Room: Sofa, TV, Table, Rug, Stand
  • Office: None
  • Sauna: Sauna benches, lights, heater, ladle, and a sand timer
  • Storage: Place this in the Garage

Rafael Erko

Rafael Erko is a Junkie that has a love for both gym and gadgets. You can complete his requirements by putting him in Home Admin-Legends.

  • Bathroom: Toilet Tub Sink
  • Bedroom: Double Bed, TVs, Speakers, Dressers, Bookcases for MAD Magazines
  • Children’s Room: None
  • Kitchen in the Living Room: Refrigerator C0I, Andy Sink, Dresser
  • Laundry Room: Put the washer in the bathroom
  • Living Room: Couch, Poufs, TV Stand, Dressers, Computer Desks, Chairs, Monitors, TVs
  • Office: None
  • Sauna: Sauna Benches, Headrest, Heater, Ladle, and Sand Timer
  • Storage: None

Smoth Family

Smoth family includes a husband, a wife, and a “baby on the way. Their requirements include a build a children’s room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen with dining table and a living room.

  • Bathroom: Tub, Toilet, Sink
  • Bedroom: Double Bed, Dresser, Wardrobe and Dresser
  • Children’s Room: Crib, Desk and Chair, Bookcase Kall, and all of the toys you can buy
  • Kitchen: Fridge, Cabinets, Sink, Upper Cabinets optional, and a Stove. You can also buy a dining table and chairs.
  • Laundry Room: None
  • Living Room: Sofa, Coffee Table, TV Stand, TV, Picture
  • Office: None
  • Storage: None

Gardening equipment is optional here, but I added the child’s playground equipment.

Veronica Liptson

Veronica Liptson has relaxed artistic vibes. Although she’s not a fan of television but buying one still goes in her hobbies. Her other hobbies includes reading, planting, and paintings.

  • Bathroom: Standard. Tub, Toilet, Sink
  • Bedroom: Bed, Dresser, and Mirror
  • Children’s Room: None. She hates kids!
  • Kitchen: Fridge, Countertop, Sink, Stove, Vent
  • Laundry Room: None
  • Living Room: Sofa, TV, 4 UP Bookshelves
  • Office: None
  • Storage: None
  • Decorations Required: Lots of paintings and plants in every room! I had to keep buying paintings and plants to keep her on top of the list.

Lonewolf37 (Apocalypse DLC)

LoneWolf37 is a character from Apocalypse DLC series. He’s on the very top list of those gas mask loaner guys.

House Requirements

  • The house upstairs doesn’t qualify. So you can build everything up there that isn’t counted.
  • Place a kitchen in a single room. Fridge, cabinets, sink, stove
  • Shelving Units require a Gas Mask, Water, and Canned Food (all types). No Pasta and Rice.
  • First Aid kits may count. He has asked for it before on his tool tips.
  • Definitely guns! All types of guns.

Ted Arrown (Apocalypse DLC)

Ted Arrown is the average Duck Dynasty guy character who has to defend his bunker at all costs. He has no specific requirements for his house.

Bunker Requirements

  • Bunk Beds
  • Kitchen
  • Shelves
  • Guns, Guns, Guns
  • Food, water, canned goods
  • TV and Couch in the bunker

Maria Kolkowsky (Apocalypse DLC)

Maria Kolkowsky is the only lady survivor of the Apocalypse DLC. She does not like weapons but loves living a bunker life. Her requirements includes an Old House with Bunker is set up perfectly for her.

Bunker Requirements

  • Full sized kitchen is a want but still optional
  • Two power generators turned out to be optional in the Old House with Bunker.
  • Bathroom: Sink, Shower, Toilet
  • Couch and TV
  • You can stock as much food, gas masks, and water as you want. It does increase the value slightly.

American Garden

American Garde can be described as the part that you need to buy Coniferous Shrubs. Deciduous, Edible, and other types of trees will not qualify.

American Garden Requirements

  • Plant Selection: Coniferous Shrubs – Mostly Bush and Cone Heights. You need plenty of planting to raise it to five stars.
  • Equipment: Couch Doto Sunchairs, Pool, Two Grills, ALVAR Patio Chairs, Patio Table, and an Umbrella.
  • Layout: Wooden Patio Preferred, add a Cat’s Head walkway straight down to the end.
    The Coniferous Shrubs must line up all the way down the fence lines in a wrap around.
    You can also use the smaller Coniferous Shrubs to line the Cat’s Head walkway down to the pool in my video.

Crop Garden

Crop Garden is all about growing your own fruits and veggies. So you’ll be making the buyer a farmer.

Crop Garden Requirements

  • Plant Selection: Add plenty of edible plants. Pumpkins, Cucumis, Zucchini, Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Tomatoes, Grapes, and more.
  • Equipment: Garden Gnomes, Pergolas or similar architectures, Tool Houses, Gazebos, Scarecrow
  • Layout: Sports Surface on the driveway. Composite Board on the walkway. Place the plants along the fence line. The layout recommendation by the splash screen is to use all wooden walkways including the garage entrance.

English Garden

English Garden Requirements

  • Plant Selection: Roses
  • Equipment: Gazebos, Fountains, Pergola architecture, Pond. Buy plenty of these to qualify.
  • Layout: Cat’s Heads walkway. Roses can line the entire walkway, but they also mentioned putting the flowerbeds on the fence line.

Modern Garden

Modern Garden is a little trickier than an American Garden. I couldn’t get all-stars.

Modern Garden Requirements

  • Plant Selection: Coniferous Shrubs – Creeping Dense Shape. Ornamental Grass.
  • Equipment: Tinto Couches, Sofas, and Tables. Use four Fountain Spady water tanks.
  • Layout: Composite Board walkway. Plants layered on the fence line.

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