House Flipper Room Requirements (with Images)

House Flipper Room Requirements (with Images)

House Flipper Room Requirements (with Images)


House Flipper is a unique one-of-a-kind simulation role-playing game developed by PlayWay S.A. The video game allows players to experience a new level of architecture skills where they can Buy, repair, and remodel devastated houses and become a one-person renovation crew. You buy and sell property giving people a new way of life while making a profit.

House Flipper Room Requirements

The House Flipper player’s first task is determining the buyer’s room requirements. We mainly provide guidance for furniture and max size dimensions for a few rooms.

Note: Room’s name will automatically change after placing components. The player would have to exit and re-enter for the room’s name to appear.

House Flipper Room Requirements

Also, a note on the max sizes I have listed. I have put the dimensions that work (i.e., 16×5 tiles) and the interior tile limit (i.e., 80 tiles).

One Item Rooms

Bedroom Requirements:

  • Bed

Bedroom Requirements Bedroom Requirements

Toilet Requirements:

  • Toilet

Toilet Requirements

Toilet Requirements

Closet Requirements:

Max Size: Interior of 192 tiles. 16×12.

  • Linen Closet OR Wardrobe

Closet Requirements

Closet Requirements

Storeroom Requirements:

  • Garage Shelf OR Metal Garage Shelf

Storeroom Requirements Storeroom Requirements

Two Item Rooms

Bathroom Requirements:

  • Toilet, Bathtub, or Shower
  • Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Requirements

Bathroom Requirements

Living Room Requirements:

  • Sofa
  • Coffee Table or Table

Living Room Requirements Living Room Requirements

Kitchen Requirements:

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Refridgerator

Note: The room size can turn a Kitchen into a Small Kitchen or a Large Kitchen.

Kitchen Requirements Kitchen Requirements

Laundry Room Requirements:

  • Washer
  • Garage Shelf or Metal Garage Shelf or Sink

Laundry Room Requirements Laundry Room Requirements

Psychomanteum Requirements:

Max Size: Interior of 80 tiles. Dimensions that work are 4×20, 5×16, and 8×10.

  • Chair
  • Mirror

Psychomanteum Requirements

Psychomanteum Requirements

Multifunctional Room Requirements:

  • Bed
  • Kitchen sink

Multifunctional Room Requirements

Multifunctional Room Requirements

Four Item Rooms:

Living Room with Kitchenette Requirements:

Fulfill the living room and kitchen requirements in the same room. The two elements mustn’t be separated by an unbroken line of walls and lintels.

Living Room with Kitchenette Requirements Living Room with Kitchenette Requirements

Home Library Requirements:

Max Size: Interior of 400 tiles, which would be either 16×25 tiles or 20×20 tiles

  • Chair
  • Table (Any type, including bedside tables) OR Desk
  • 2x Hanging Shelf OR 2x Bookcase

Home Library Requirements

Home Library Requirements

Sauna Requirements:

  • Sauna Heater
  • Sauna Corner Bench
  • 2x Sauna Bench

Sauna Requirements Sauna Requirements

Five Item Rooms

Dining Room Requirements:

  • Table
  • 4x Chair

Dining Room Requirements Dining Room Requirements

Home Cinema Requirements:

  • TV
  • Sofa OR Armchair
  • Coffee Table OR Table
  • 2x Speakers

Home Cinema Requirements Home Cinema Requirements

Office Requirements:

  • Monitor
  • Bookcase OR Office Bookshelf
  • Office chair
  • Carpet
  • Desk

Office Requirements

Office Requirements

Children’s Room Requirements:

  • Bed or Crib
  • Chest of Drawers or Wardrobe or Changing Table
  • Shelf or Bookcase
  • 2x Toy or 1x Toy and Carpet

Children's Room Requirements

Children’s Room Requirements

Seven Item Rooms

Family Room Requirements:

  • Sofa
  • Coffee Table
  • TV
  • Carpet
  • Toy
  • Bookcase OR Picture
  • Kitchen Cupboard OR TV Cabinet

Family Room Requirements Family Room Requirements

Preset Rooms

  • Garage
  • Bunker

Note: Placing furniture in rooms that fulfill other room requirements does not change the room name, but potential buyers will react as though you’ve added another room. (i.e., I placed a bed in a garage, and buyers responded as though I’d added a bedroom)

house flipper preset rooms requirementsPreset Rooms Requirements

It’s the end. I hope “House Flipper Room Requirements” helps you. Feel free to contribute to the topic. If you also have comments or suggestions, comment to us.

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