How can I add the subject line to messages using iPhone?

How can I add the subject line to messages using iPhone?

Message subject in bold iPhone

Most of us are familiar with the subject line of the emails. It is not necessary to put the subject line to every message, but sometimes it become really important to update the subject line so the recipient knows the context of message.

There is a built in subject line in iMessages and text messages of an iPhone. Sometimes there is a message in the body of text, but sometimes the subject line is it self the whole message. This built in feature is normally turned off in the devices, but you can turn it on.

Below are the steps you need to follow if you prefer to add the subject line to your text messages.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Then you must open the Messages

Settings for Messages app

  1. Toggle Show Subject Field to ON (green switch)

Show subject field iOS

  1. When you will be sending a new iMessage or any other text message, you will have to enter the Subject and then add the message content in separate fields
  2. Subjects of the messages will appear in bold above the sent messages

Subject line enabled iMessage


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