How can I adjust the music equalizer on my iPhone?

How can I adjust the music equalizer on my iPhone?

Apple Music

The most striking feature that iPhone highlights is the music playback. The latest introduced models by Apple have full integration of Apple Music and it is considered as the top flagship feature in Apple devices.

As an Apple user you might be thinking that how you can easily adjust midrange, treble coming and bass of an iPhone that you will hear from the Bluetooth speakers and the headphones. Here the most important point to note is that iPhone do not offer any system-wide equalizer through which you can easily customize the frequency of audio. This thing means that you have to access the EQ functions directly by app that is playing your audio.

Lets take an example of YouTube or Spotify, you will use their own settings to adjust EQ. Spotify has its own EQ setting feature.

With iOS settings, Apple Music offers its own EQ. If you have not installed the Music app, then there is no way in which you will adjust the equalizer. You can follow the steps below to find equalizer of Apple Music;

  1. Install Apple Music on your device
  2. Go toĀ Settings -> Music

Apple Music EQ 1

  1. Tap the option EQ

Apple Music EQ 2

  1. Tap on preset that is needed to apply

Apple Music EQ 3

Once you set the settings of the equalizer, you can set the audio that is playing back.

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