How can I enable 2FA security on Robinhood?

How can I enable 2FA security on Robinhood?

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There are million of users of famous investment app known as Robinhood. There are different ways that this platform has generated for buying and selling the stocks. Due to different logins, the people need to be careful regarding the security of app. Just like other financial apps, it also allows 2 factor authentication and can help restrict any kind of unwanted access. You must use 2FA on Robinhood.

You must verify your mobile on file first to enable the 2 factor authentication. For authentication through apps, you must have an access to app that is relevant.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to enable 2FA:

  1. First you will need to Launch the Robinhood app and after that you will tap the profile tab

Robinhood 2FA security 1

  1. After that, you must choose the sandwich menu icon

Robinhood 2FA security 2

  1. Tap the Settings options

Robinhood 2FA security 3

  1. Select option of Two-Factor Authentication

Robinhood 2FA security 4

  1. After that, you must switch on the Two-Factor Authentication by toggling

Robinhood 2FA security 5

  1. Choose the authentication method that you will like

Robinhood 2FA security 6

  1. If you will go for an authentication app, you will prompt for next steps

Robinhood 2FA security 7


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