How can I Pair my AirPods Max with non-Apple devices?

How can I Pair my AirPods Max with non-Apple devices?

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Do you know Mac and Apple devices can optimize for AirPods Max. You can use the Apple Devices with other wireless headphones as well. It means that you can pair AirPods Max with any compatible Bluetooth device.

If you will pair AirPods Max with the Bluetooth connection, it will limit the features and specs. But the high-quality sound will be perfect in your AirPods. If you pair AirPods Max to any non-Apple device, it means that you will put the headphones in the pairing mode.

By using the noise control button, you can invoke the pairing mode. In normal operation, it eventually toggles Transparency mode and Active Noise Cancellation. You must check the status light that will indicate that whether your AirPods Max can easily be detected with any Bluetooth device.

You must follow the steps given below to pair AirPods Max with any non-Apple Bluetooth device:

  1. You will first Press noise control button and hold it

Noise control button

  1. The Bluetooth connection status light will flash white
  2. Then you must look AirPods Max under the Bluetooth device settings to pair with any Non Apple device
  3. Tap on AirPods Max option to pair the device

Right after you will pair the device, you will play the audio by any non-Apple device.

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