How can I use an emoji as my contact photo?

How can I use an emoji as my contact photo?

Add Photo Emojis

Do you know that iOS 14 has different features including adding unique stickers as photos of the contacts. You can easily use Memoji, emoji, plain text or photo as a custom photo with the background that you want. It will help you distinguish a specific contact from others. Below is the detail about how you can add emoji to a contact photo:

  1. First you will need to make sure that the device is iOS 14 or later version
  2. Then open the Phone app
  3. Then tap contacts
  4. Select the contact that you will need to edit
  5. Tap edit option
  6. Then tap add photo option
  7. After that scroll down to more and select the emoji you want to add
  8. Tap done when your selection is finalized

You can also search emoji by tapping on plus (+) circle and use it later.


Add Emoji


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