How to Avoid Videos on My Widget Screen?

How to Avoid Videos on My Widget Screen?

Video Widgets

Quick update for you: The video app was replaced in 2017 by Apple TV app. Right now, there is no widget for the app of Apple TV app. If currently you are running iOS 14 or any later version, then there is no way to replace the videos on the Widget Screen.

iOS 10.2:

New Videos widget option is available in iOS 10.2 for the Widget Screen. The videos are saved in the app so the users can efficiently access the movies and TV shows by using a single tap. To add the new iOS 10.2 Videos widget to your iPhone, you will need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Once installing iOS 10.2 or later, you will need to swipe right on the Lock screen for accessing the widget screen. You can also easily swipe down and then swipe right from the Home Screen in order to access the widget section.
  2. Then tap the Edit button after scrolling down.
  3. Tap the + in green colour that is right next to Videos widget option.
  4. Then tap done and videos widget will quickly be added to widget screen.

Tap the – sign that is in red color for removing the Videos widget.

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