How to Block Website on the Phone of My Child?

How to Block Website on the Phone of My Child?

Limited Websites

Below are the steps in which you will know how you can limit the adult content on the mobile of your child:

  1. First, navigate setting app on the device that you will restrict
  2. Then navigate to general, and go for restrictions
  3. Then enter the four digit passcode that you will know only
  4. Scroll down to Allowed Content Section
  5. Then Tap Websites
  6. Select option of “Limit Adult Content” or “Specific Websites Only”.

This option will limit the content and block all the adult content from the browser that you have installed. The browsers include Google Chrome, Safari or any other third party browsers.

“Specific Websites Only” will only enable to view the sites that you want your children to view. You can also add more websites by clicking “Add a Website” panel from the button of list and they can be accessed as well. Additionally, you can bypass the website block from the browser by simply tapping “Allow Website” link and then by entering Restrictions passcode.

Allow Website

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