How to see the Apple Music Replay?

How to see the Apple Music Replay?

Apple Music Replay 2021

You can get a year-end summary of the top artists, albums and songs by Apple Music. There are many Spotify users who are familiar with the Spotify Wrapped, this delivers almost all kind of fun facts about music listeners all around the year. There is an annual music review on Apple Music that is called Replay.

How to see Apple Music Replay on iPhone?

On Sundays, there are updates on Apple Music Replay all year and you will get top 100 tracks that you have played recently in a single playlist. If you want to check the recent Replay, you will need to follow the steps given below:

  1. First, launch the Apple Music App
  2. Then you will tap the Listen Now Tab
  3. You will then swipe till bottom
  4. Then open the Replay 2021 playlist

View All Apple Music Replay listening stats

Apple Music Replay will not include as much information like the Spotify Wrapped. There are different listening stats that are calculated for whole year. You cannot find the music stats on Apple Music app. Below are the steps that you can follow for checking replay listening stats:

  1. Launch the web browser first
  2. Then click this website
  3. Then sign in to the Apple Music account for seeing the stats
  4. Tap … more option for menu to share

There are more features that will be added to Replay as it will be improved more.


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