Human Fall Flat Console Commands & Cheats

Human Fall Flat Console Commands & Cheats

Human Fall Flat Console Commands & Cheats


Below is the complete list of all the access to Human Fall Flat Console Commands & Cheats.

Console commands & cheats:

Opening the console:

To open the console, you need to press `, located to the left of 1 on a keyboard.

  • climbcheat – activates climbing cheat

Note: Using these cheats player won’t get any achievement.

Multiplayer commands:

Note: Need to be written into a chat, not a console.

Following is the list of Human Fall Multiplayer commands :

  • /list: shows all the players on the server
  • /kick (player name): kicks the player
  • /mute (player name): mutes the player

General commands

Jump to Checkpoint

Enter L, level numbers 0-7, checkpoint number without spaces, and press Enter to jump to a specific location in the game.

1st Person Camera

FPS+Enter – Switch to experimental FPS mode.


Press (multiply at Numpad) to start capturing frames. Pressing * again to stop charging and re-entering play mode. In play mode, you have the following shortcuts:

  • * Left arrow – rewind
  • * Right arrow – forward
  • * Shift left/right – fast forward/rewind
  • * Space – play/pause
  • * Shift+Space – reverse play


  • [ and ] – change camera zoom (e.g., fall animation)
  • Comma, Period – increase decrease fog density (more isometric shots would look desaturated without this)
  • F6 – freeze/unfreeze time (to capture a still)
  • F7 – toggle fullscreen camera in COOP mode
  • F8 – enter FreeRoam camera mode – enables the moving camera and capturing keyframed camera animations
  • Ctrl+Shift+T – slow-motion – time becomes 2x slower
  • Ctrl+Shift+R – frame video capture (will slow game time to export PNGs)

Free-Roam Camera

Once in the free-roam camera, the following shortcuts are enabled to control the camera:

  • * WASD – move around
  • * Q – up and Z – down
  • * Mouselook – look around
  • * Mousewheel – change FOV

Key Frame

  • * 1-9 – Create a regular keyframe at the current recorder frame (remembering camera world position and rotation)
  • * Shift 1-9 – Create a targeted keyframe looking at the human (stores camera world position, camera rotation will be set to look at the human – it might get shaky with the fixed camera looking at jumping human)
  • * Ctrl 1-9 – Create a human keyframe (camera position relative to human is remembered)
  • * 0 clear keyframes
  • You can mix and match all three types of keyframes (regular, targeted, and human).
  • Without the recorder, you are limited to 2 keyframes (1 & 2); pressing space will interpolate those 2 using a 10-second animation.

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