Inscryption – Pillar Code Guide (Chapter 3)

Inscryption – Pillar Code Guide (Chapter 3)

Guide to Pillar Code in Third Chapter:

The first symbol on the clock is on the wall just to the left of the game table. I remember that in the first chapter, the clock rang out at 11 o’clock ring. I tried it out here and came across that sheet of paper.

The following symbol will be in the second room next to the device from which we removed the battery. You will find the drone, and after encountering the Northeast’s boss, the robot will be equipped with cameras. Pressing the robot to the center will trigger an emitted flash. If you insist there are sides to it, the robot will rotate around its center of gravity. If you attempt to do this, you could catch the moment when the flash is reflected on the wall in the opposite direction. Below there is a symbol.

The third symbol can be located towards the end of the chapter. Once you reach the northwest corner, you will find an art table. To the left of the table for games, you may have noticed the creature’s image. This is the creature we must create. Be cautious; you only have two attempts.

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