Is There Any Way To Buy iPhone 5 on Contract Base?

Is There Any Way To Buy iPhone 5 on Contract Base?

There are no clear statements and terms right now that whether you can buy or sell the iPhone 5 unlocked as there was the term for the former models.

For ensuring that phones are LTE compatible, the previous three models are sold unlocked in the different regions of world. There are many people who have asked this technical question whether to unlock iPhone 5 or not.

When we look at past, the iPhone models were also available with no contract if the buyers would pay almost $400 above the already mentioned price in the market. As a market researcher, we have a complete focus on Apple if it allows the contract or not.

UPDATE: Verizon and AT&T offer iPhone 5 at complete retail prices with no contracts at all if you order them on the website. Even Verizon does , not allow the users to view the pricing on monthly installments. When we look into AT&T it allows the buyers to select the option of “No Commitment”.

UPDATE: Started from 12th, T Mobile offered iPhone 5 contract that was free for $579. The buyers need to pay ($99 down and $20 every month for 2 years.

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