Killing Floor 2 – Fastest Perks Level Up

Killing Floor 2 – Fastest Perks Level Up

Killing Floor 2 allows players to play in five difficulty levels: Normal, Beginner, Suicidal, Hard, and Hell upon Earth. As you advance in levels in your class, you will gain essential stats and abilities that will allow you to go to the next challenge. Your teammates will know if you’re unleveled, as you’ll probably be killed between rounds.

How to Lvl Up Perk Fast:


Do not overlook that by doing all of this, you won’t be able to learn about the game in general, and you won’t be able to be a pro through this instantly.


  1. Click the Browser Server in the Home Tab of the Main Menu.
  2. Find a server with a unique map named KF-Killbox_2019.
  3. On this particular map, you will spawn enemies in one room and wait while you kill them.
  4. Connect to the server.
  5. Choose what class you need to level up.
  6. Just play.

If You Have Lags:

Once you connect to the server with this map, you can disconnect and create self server because you have already downloaded this map.

To do this you need:

  1. Click the Play Solo-Offline in Main Menu also.
  2. Change the Starting map to KF-Killbox_2019.
  3. Change the Game mode to Endless (for unlimited waves).
  4. Change the Difficulty to Hell on Earth (in order for enemies to have more health and more needed damage to killing them, we will get the maximum amount of experience).
  5. Launch and play.


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