Lost Ark – All Mokoko Seeds Locations (Luterra Castle)

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Luterra Castle is the second vibrant city to be found during Lost Ark. In this city, you’ll be introduced to a variety of basic mechanics and game modes, such as Strongholds and PvP. There are also numerous merchants to meet.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the tempting content. In the city, you will find a variety of Mokoko seeds scattered across various structures and gardens. Here is their position at the top of the list.

All Locations of Mokoko Seeds in Luterra Castle

Mokoko Seed Map – Luterra Castle

There are 10 seeds in Luterra Castle. Here is a complete map of the area with the seeds marked.

Detailed Mokoko Seed Locations

These are exact places for the seeds as well as information on how to locate the seeds that are hidden.

First, second as well as the third seed are hidden in the area the Luterra Palace, the area that you take control of once you have finishing this part in the quest’s main part.

Take a walk along the south-west wall and then go through the doorway to enter an area that is not on the map. Use the mouse to go back to the dark zone while your avatar will then navigate in the dark by itself.

The fourth and fifth seed is through another wall in an area off the map inside the Kadan Cathedral.

The sixth seed is in the northern part of the map on the stairs within the crowd of people.

The seventh seed is along the bridge, out of view.

The eighth seed is behind an umbrella in a grassy area near the bulk of the vendor NPCs.

The ninth seed is down south of the second food vendor, near one of their crates.

The tenth, and final seed, is in the basement of the Kanan Cathedral at the northern most part of the map, hidden from view past a statue.

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