Lost Ark – All Mokoko Seeds Locations (Prideholme)

Lost Ark – All Mokoko Seeds Locations (Prideholme)

The RPG MMO Lost Ark, you can discover a myriad of collectibles as well as secrets within each region. They are particularly important in unlocking rewards from the area. We’ll help you locate all Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme.

The game Lost Ark you can discover various objects, secrets, and places that are unique. Monsters and bosses with a lot of power are also found in numerous locations. The discovery of these monsters and bosses is reward with progress in your area that in turn offers players great rewards.

Third Mokoko seed

This is easy, just go at the locations as in the picture.

Fourth Mokoko seeds

Be carefull, this one is behind the tree. It thinks its invisible, lol.

Fifth Mokoko seed

Behind the lion statue in the middle of the first half of the map.

Sixth Mokoko seed

Right in the middle of two “taverns”, quite impossible to miss, that was my first seed i seen.

Seventh Mokoko seed

That one is the most trickiest to find. Its right in the direction of the arrow.

Eight and Nineth Mokoko seeds

Pictures should do it.

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